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Author : Bob Mulrenin
Date : 02/04/2013 (11:48:21 PM)

Allentown, PA --Filmmakers John Philapavage and Kevin Kiernan announced the title of the “Unauthorized ECW Documentary”, their independent documentary chronicling the nineties pro wrestling subculture phenomenon Extreme Championship Wrestling and the company’s unique players. The film will be officially called Barbed Wire City, a title the men had had in mind since they were nineteen.


“It feels good to get this out there to those that have funded the finishing of the film, but also those that have been following along via the news sites and social media outlets,” Philapavage commented. “You’ve got a title and a date, and now I can get back to putting the final pieces together.”

Also announced privately to the duo’s Kickstarter.com backers (the crowd funding site that helped fund the film’s completion through fan support) was a release date that doubles as the film’s big screen debut. On Saturday April 20th, 2013, the film Barbed Wire City will premiere in the Philadelphia, PA area. A venue will be announced in the coming weeks. Tickets to the premiere, pre-ordering of the DVD, t-shirts, posters, as well as updates and more information will be made available on the film’s official website, Barbedwirecity.com, The site, which had a soft launch today, will be fully operational within the next two weeks.

“Right now we just want to get the business decisions done so we can focus on the last few weeks of post-production, said Kiernan. No more talk about when. It’s happening. Now I’ll be over here editing background noises out if anyone needs me,” he joked.

Follow the film on www.barbedwirecity.com   Also, follow on  Twitter via co-director John Philapavage @bwcfilm or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/bwcfilmdocumentary


Thanks to Jeff Sheridan for this link & story on The Rock


Dwayne Johnson Gets Milk In Super Bowl Dairy Commercial

Dwayne Johnson has become the new face of the famous 'Got Milk?' advert after making his dairy debut during the Super Bowl XLVII yesterday (February 3rd 2013).

WWE's Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has never been one to take himself too seriously, having appeared in numerous comedy and kids' flicks over the years (during and between his wrestling ventures), and he has managed to make himself even more lovable and child-friendly in his latest post as the star of the 'Got Milk?' dairy commercial. The ad shows him discovering that there's no milk left in the refrigerator while three young girls with bowls of cereal look on in horror. With a look of pure determination, Johnson runs down the street chasing after the milk truck in his pyjamas. Along the way he is confronted with chaos; a child whose cat is stuck up a tree asks him for help, a group of balaclava clad thieves run from a bank with handfuls of cash and an elderly couple are trapped in a car with an escaped lion on top; however, the usually heroic Dwayne assesses that his milk situation is of utmost importance and manages to retrieve a new bottle and give those kids their breakfast before. erm. punching an alien in the face.

A little random, we'll admit, but our favorite wrestler deserves a good slap on the back for his hilarious performance as usual. It doesn't quite compare to likes of past Super Bowl ads, such as the Apple Macintosh commercial in 1984 which won four awards for its gripping style and 2010's epic 'You're Not You When You're Hungry' Snickers advert featuring Betty White playing football, but it will certainly stick in our minds for a good few weeks.



World's Best Wrestling presents WBW: Heat, live Saturday February 16th in Sardinia, Ohio. The event takes place at 116 College Avenue in the old school gymnasium with a 7 PM bell time.

Matches already announced:

The "Big Man From Iran" Tyson Rogers defends the World's Best
Heavyweight Championship against "American Made" Jason Legend.

"Astonishing" Aaron Williams and Flash Fury battle it out to see who will be crowned the first ever Northern Heritage Champion.

"Re-Enforcer" Devlin Anderson and "Genuine" Jock Samson meet in a Appalachian Bull Rope Match.

Brutal Bellman vs. James Avery

All this plus Wrestle Ohio's VL & Sarah Stricklett, Papa Dingo, Tejo
Kahn, Eclipso S. Powers, Lil C, RangerBob, Sharon Rock, Dude Rock, Lil Hulk Jake Ashworth, Loony Mike Horton, the WBW debuts of "Big Kahuna" Kenny Lucas, Aaron McCormick an more.

Sponsored by Sardinia Fuel Mart and Village Pizza

Quick and easy directions to Sardinia, Ohio:

From Dayton, Ohio – Take 35 E to 68 S, to 32 E or I 75 S to I 275 E to 32 E.
From Columbus, Ohio – Take 62 S to 32 W
From Cincinnati, Ohio – Take 32 E
From Maysville, Ky – Take 62 N to 32 W

Advance tickets are available at http://www.WBWTV.com and



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