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Author : Bob Mulrenin
Date : 11/24/2013 (07:51:15 PM)

Thanks to Jeffrey for this report & photo

I didn't know if you had someone do a report or not from The Ryback signing at Dave and Busters in Braintree or not but thought I would send one over to ya.....

After driving 7 hours from Pennsylvania to Braintree MA and wasting my whole day to meet one of my favorite wrestlers, Ryback was awesome to meet him but also kind of regretting it knowing how unorganized and how horribly ran it was....

I was incontact with the organizers of this event earlier in the week about details on the event.... All I mainly wanted was a picture with Ryback. After numerous email exchanges with the contact I was told yes you would be allowed... Im like ok if they are allowing it I will make the trip. So left at 7am to get there early expecting a large turnout ahead of time and got there at 2pm... No one knew what was going on.... No one was there lined up so it was beneficial and kind of felt stupid leaving so early but with it being such a long trip I had to. Then we were told the line wouldn't start until around 4pm and the signing started at 5pm.....

Well that didn't stop people. People were starting a line inside around the area we were told they were having him setup and sign.... By 4pm there was easily 200-300 ppl waiting to meet him not including just the normal saturday evening rush at Dave and Busters with also it being a UFC ppv night.... Some people were just standing there by where we were all standing. Some people didn't know that you needed a ticket or where to get the ticket. It was just a huge Cluster**ck.

To try and get organized they then handed out raffle tickets with numbers and they said instead of waiting in line listen over the loud speaker and we will call numbers in groups... Well that didn't work either because most people waiting in line didn't want to play the games or eat food. They just wanted to meet Ryback so it was a huge traffic jam.

He started right at 5pm which I was happy because had to drive 6-7 hours back home. Luckily for me I was one of the first few to get the raffle ticket... but there was a crowd of people around the table and people didn't know what was going on just decided to jump in line and the staff thought they already handed there ticket....

Im like ok no biggy im right here once these people go I will go despite the unorganization... Get up the table and Ryback was cool. Put on his Bully attitude and gimmick for the kids. Like my fiance said i don't care what people say about you i think you're awesome. He comes back like well people say im awesome because im Ryback which i thought was cool. And asked him if I can get a picture and he said no problem and talked to the lady by the table saying how we doing pictures, that is when lady from TD Garden since I later found out they were actually running the event and Dave and Busters was basically just hosting the event, said i don't know just autographs for now.... Im like well i drove 7 hours after being told i was allowed to get a picture with him... And she is like well we need to make sure everyone gets to meet him. we didn't expect a outcome like this.

Like really??!!! Its a FREE autograph signing in a town that is 15 minutes away from a WWE PPV! What did you expect? Well Ryback was cool and said ill take pictures after the actual autograph signing. So im like ok cool.... So stayed a bit close to the line and saw that they were allowing pictures with him as people went up to meet him....

So i walked up and asked when can i get my picture with ryback? I already got my autograph. They said oh well you were suppose to get it when you went up and met him. Im like seriously? I was told he was only doing autograph signing and taking pictures after... That is when they said oh well we don't think he would have time so to make it easier we just doing both at once... I was LIVID! And complained to the lady from TD Garden that told me i had to wait and said that is bullcrap! She then said ok real quick you can get your picture... So eventually after the 13-14 hour round trip, the long waiting, the dis-organized event and management that was running it. I got what I came for in the end.... And could of all been avoided if the people running the event had better organization, gave correct information when answering the questions, and not answer questions when they didn't have the definite answer on the question only to change it 20 times....

The bright side too was the Dave and Buster staff was kind and willing to help us out if needed... They didn't have control over the event. It was mainly the reps from the TD Garden.


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