Figure NameYearSeries
Jimmy Hart (afro-american version) 20077 inch series 1 (error)
Wrestling Ring / Cage 1995Accessories
Giant 1997Fly Buddies
Hollywood “Hulk” Hogan 1997Fly Buddies
Sting 1997Fly Buddies
Jerry Sags 19957 inch Series 1
Kevin Nash 1997Tag Champ Belt Buckles
Diamond Dallas Page 19986 inch Nitro Series 1
Hulk Hogan and Sting 1995Tag Team Series 1
Kevin Sullivan 1997Vibrating Figures
Scott Hall 19986 inch Nitro Series 2
Nasty Boys 1996Tag Teams Series 3
Macho Man Randy Savage (Red) 19984.5 inch figures
Sting (Red and Black) 199812 Inch Statuettes
Jimmy Hart 19957 inch Series 1
Scott Hall 1997Tag Champ Belt Buckles
Giant 19986 inch Nitro Series 1
Johnny B Badd 19967 inch Series 2
Lex Luger 1997Vibrating Figures
Buff Bagwell 19986 inch Nitro Series 3