• 09/06/2005 (12:09:23 pm)
  • Mike 'HR2X' Levine

Mike reviews Adrenaline 14 including the first ever Hassan & Daivari figures!


Muhammad Hassan


Great figure by Jakks, too bad we won’t be seeing him on T.V. anytime soon. One thing I don’t like about this figure is the super-heavyweight torso. I just don’t think it fits Hassan like the heavyweight one would have. Other than that, there isn’t much wrong with this figure. Jakks is doing an amazing job with all the new head scans they are coming out perfect. The logos on the tights are perfect, but Hassan is missing his tattoos, which is pretty disappointing considering this may be his only figure. He comes with a white headband, probably because of the same reason UPN won’t allow him on T.V. It’s a simple fix though, just add the CS 5 Sheik headdress. I am just suggesting this because it is similar to the one Hassan wears, if any one is offended because of the fact that they are two different religions, I am sorry in advance.


Overall grade: A



Khosrow Daivari


Another great figure. I really like the headscan; I think it’s perfect because it seemed like Daivari never shut up (lol). Other than the head, it’s your basic suit mold pants, blazer and arms, but then, the cloth shirt and tie! Daivari’s shirt is set up much like the CS 7 Monsoon shirt, only the front is cloth there is no real back. Under the shirt is the cruiser torso, which matches Hassan’s skin tone, so now, you can swap Hassan’s torso to a smaller one. I think that this shirt is put together better than the CS 7 Monsoon one because it looks much more realistic than the Monsoon one.


Overall grade: A



Booker T


My favorite Booker yet, Jakks changed the skin tone on Booker to a much lighter one. (Orlando has the same color skin that RA 11 Booker has) This lighter skin tone makes the overall figure just look better. For the first time ever, Jakks added Booker’s tattoos! And did I mention that they are in color?! As I said, my favorite Booker yet. The tight designs look great and they wrap around the sides, which is awesome. There is one flaw on this figure and that is the lack of “Booker T” down the boots. Other than that one flaw, this figure is near perfect.


Overall grade: A



Eddie Guerrero


Decent figure, definitely worth it just for the head scan. The head scan looks great on this Eddie; all he needs are some blonde highlights to be perfect. This scan definitely fits Eddie’s current look. The body is somewhat bland. The designs on the pants are all pretty small and don’t really stand out. The boots are plain gold; I’ve never seen Eddie wear plain gold boots. The tattoo looks great though; you can see all the little details in it.


Overall grade: B-


William Regal


Very nice figure, I really like the cloth vest that Jakks added. There is Velcro on the inside of the vest so it is completely removable. The rest of the figure is just the suit mold without the jacket, but it is a nice figure to own for when Regal isn’t in the ring considering he normally wears the vest/ suit combo.


Overall grade: B+




Great figure, the pants are a little bland though on the one side. The head scan is awesome; much better than that old smiling scan. All Tajiri is missing is his wrist tape and his belt. I really like the flames on the pants; they go all the way around the bottom and then most of the way up the leg. My personal opinion would be to get this Tajiri, and fix up the wrist tape and belt, then you’d have the perfect Tajiri!


Overall grade: A-




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