• 11/02/2005 (7:24:18 pm)
  • Mike 'HR2X' Levine

HR2X reviews ADRENALINE 15!

Adrenaline 15




John Cena


I really like this figure. It’s more of an updated Cena than the one we saw in RA 16.5. This Cena has the white shoes, which Cena started wearing when he was moved from SmackDown to Raw. I was surprised to see the Word Life knuckle rings because Cena hasn’t worn them in a long time. They do look good though. This figure has the same shorts mold as the RA 16.5 figure. Jakks did repaint the head quite nicely for this figure. The shading looks great, as does the actual color. I think it brings more life to the scan and it looks a lot more like Cena.


Overall grade: A



Another solid figure; Jakks did do something odd here though. Jakks added TTL legs to JBL, and honestly, they look great. Jakks also added the cowboy boots to JBL, which hasn’t been done before. Much like Cena, JBL’s head is painted very nicely and the paint application helps bring life to the scan. The TTL legs shorten him a bit, which is good because the RA suit mold is way too tall. Jakks also gave him a new hat mold, one that actually fits his head.


Overall grade: A



Finally, Jakks has perfected Kane! The tights are similar to the PPV 6 (Bad Blood) ones, as well as the whole body being from the PPV 6 figure. The head is a brand new scan that looks amazing. It captures Kane’s snarling look perfectly. Jakks added the light brown stubble to the back of the head just like the PPV 6 one, with the difference of this one being lighter.


Overall grade: A+




Finally a new scan for Edge. This figure is a repainted PPV 6 Edge (blue). In my opinion, the screaming scan is much better than the previous scan. The hair sculpt is just awesome, you can see the strands of hair going in different directions. My only gripes with this figure are the logos on the sides may be a tad too small and there are no logos on the boots. The new briefcase is awesome, the mold is perfect and it actually opens! It’s made of a somewhat soft plastic so it won’t damage your figures!


Overall grade: A-


Eddie Guerrero


Not the best figure of the set, but a nice one. I do like the paint job on the head; this one has the blonde tips that Eddie usually has. The rest of the body is pretty basic, not much to say about it. The one thing Eddie does come with is an extra cloth mask. The mask has screen-printed logos on it (to replicate Rey’s mask) and can be worn by almost any figure.


Overall grade: B-


Rey Mysterio


This is the gem of the set here. The headscan is amazing, Jakks perfectly captured Rey’s likeness with this scan. The ripped mask is also really cool; Jakks went ahead and painted some of the hair that you can see from where the mask is torn away. The upper body has all of Rey’s tattoos. The legs are a brand new mold. They aren’t as wide as the previous Rey legs and they bend just like the RA 16.5 Cena shorts! The logos on the sides look great. This is perhaps the most playable Rey to date; I just wish that the mask wasn’t ripped. (Even though it happened on SmackDown a while back)


Overall grade: A+




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