• 12/23/2013 (4:40:59 pm)

The wrestling episode of ‘Betas’ debuts!…

Betas is the story of a crew of mid-to-late 20 something techies on the verge of building the next big, successful app in a silicon sea of like-minded start ups. What sets them apart from other teams of technological developers are their colorfully relatable personalities, youthful problems in a world of corporations and customers focused on what they will change their cyber-lives with and the fact that they don’t look as if they have been trapped in a library most of their lives and eat boogers on a regular basis like their real world counterparts. Yes, techies are people, just like you and me.

Betas 4th episode, titled ‘One on One’ sees Trey (Joe Dinicol), Nash (Karan Soni), Hobbes (Jon Daly) and Mitchell (Charlie Saxton) on the verge of a major breakthrough in launching their ‘BRB’ app. While Nash and Hobbes work tirelessly, offering wide eyed quips and frustrations during the deadline, Trey struggles to cope after recently going all the way with Lisa (Margo Harshman) as she balances work and affection for him. The episode is built around Mitchell’s fear in George Murchison (the always delightful Ed Begley, Jr.) ‘threatening’ to purchase and invest in a beloved PWG-style indy wrestling federation that Mitch happens to be a fan of. Instead of clashing, the two begin learning from one another and a sleepless road to the launch of BRB ensues.

With wrestlers like Brian Kendrick, The Young Bucks and Willie Mack making an appearance in the episode, Betas captures the wave of indy wrestling transformation taking place in the non-WWE leagues. On these shows, blinking lights and pyro are replaced with pitchers of beer and actual wrestling matches and Betas makes it clear that the connection between die hard fans and their love of their hobby or game has to be respected and cannot simply be bought. Charlie Saxton’s character only proves the point further with his lovingly defensive, standoffish demeanor evolving into a proud, open wrestling encyclopedia welcoming his boss to read as much as he can.

For the non-tech crowd, Betas lingo may seem off-putting at first, but it is eons more digestible than that of the show it has been most often compared to, The Big Bang Theory. The crew members come off as people that you don’t necessarily know, but wish were in your shared workspace to make your life that much more like the good part of high school (successfully growing up). So if the speech gets out of hand, you will still be able to understand the plights and enjoy the comedy. The show is different than most offerings to say the least and should fit like a snug, comfortable glove for the millennial 21st century crowd, especially those living in San Francisco or Boston. This is the advanced age we live in and Betas has an excellent, self aware sense of humor about it.

BETAS is an original Amazon series. Watch it here!

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