• 08/11/2005 (3:51:06 pm)
  • Mike 'HR2X' Levine

HR2X Reviews Classic Superstars 7 with British Bulldog, Gorilla Monsoon, Jimmy Hart, Andre The Giant & More!!!



Andre The Giant

Wow, this figure is huge. This figure of Andre stands almost 8 inches tall, that’s one big figure! The headscan works perfectly for Andre, especially with the long hair and funny smile. Jakks did a great job on the body mold, all new parts for someone who really needed his own set of parts. I really don’t see any inaccuracies on this figure.


Overall grade: A+


British Bulldog


I really love this figure. This is from the era of Davey Boy Smith and the Dynamite Kid as the British Bulldogs. I really wish that this Bulldog had come with the UK flag that he had as entrance attire, but no luck. The one thing I do like is that Jakks must have been thinking ahead. The braids in the hair are only about ½ way down the head, the top and sides are just straight pulled back. Now, I could see Jakks using the same head, but modified for a Hart Foundation Bulldog (which is what I plan on doing). This figure has the Union Jack logo on the kneepads the wrist tape and on the sides of the tights. The only thing I would have added would be the beads that he had on the ends of the braids and the Union Jack cape entrance attire.


Overall grade: A+


Ultimate Warrior


Simply a repaint of the previous Warrior’s but this one features the “no-face paint” Warrior, well.. maybe a little face paint. The head is the same as the other Warrior’s; I think this one looks a bit weird without the face paint, but that’s me. I do like the tights though; the multi-colored Warrior logos and the “WARRIOR” text on the back are really detailed. Even the boots have the Warrior emblems on them. The blue-strapped WWF title is a great addition to this figure. There isn’t much more to say, basically because it’s a repaint.


Overall grade: B+


Harley Race


This is an awesome figure. Jakks aimed this at when Harley was “King Harley” after winning the King Of the Ring. The figure comes with the KOTR crown and the cape which is made of cloth and some type of artificial fur. The figure itself has Harley’s tattoos on both arms, as well as a crown on the back of his tights and on the boots. The headscan for this figure is amazing. There are very few flaws in the CS series.


Overall grade: A+


Gorilla Monsoon


Very nice figure for one in a suit. Jakks used a cloth shirt on Monsoon instead of a molded on shirt. The torso underneath is the standard “fat” torso used on most CS. The cloth shirt isn’t 100% of a shirt… more like 60% of a shirt. The front and neck are cloth, but there are straps that hold it on (look at the images) this is not a big deal because the jacket covers it. The headscan looks great, and he comes with his infamous blue glasses, which are much like the CS 2 Sgt. Slaughter glasses that slip over the head.


Overall grade: A


Superstar Billy Graham


Another great figure, I think the head may be a tad too big for the body, but the overall figure is great. The head itself works perfectly for Billy. The tights are the green ones with the white designs on the left leg. I like how Jakks wrapped the design all the way around the leg. He comes with his patented boa as well. The boa seems a tad thick for the figure, but it’s the same size as the previously released Jakks boa (nWo series 1 Hogan)

This figure reminds me a lot of the CS 3 Jake Roberts. It’s 100% accurate, but fairly simple and doesn’t feature any new parts or accessories.


Overall grade: A


“The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart


Another amazing figure, definitely one of my favorites in the set. Jakks added the design on the entire coat, not just the front, but sides and back. Jakks also added the music notes to the sides of the pants. Jimmy’s scan is awesome, and he comes with the trademark megaphone. The only thing I’d change on this figure would be to add the piano key tie!


Overall grade: A


Eddie Guerrero


After much debate on the WF Forums, Eddie did make it into CS 7. This figure is basically a repaint of the “Best of WCW” Eddie. The head is still a tad too big, but they captured the hair perfectly. I’m not sure why Eddie is in the Classic line, but he is. The paint on the figure is nice, Jakks changed the tank top torso to one with a painted singlet, not a painted skin tone like the Best of WCW one. Nice figure for a repaint, but not one of my favorites.


Overall grade: B-


Don Muraco


Nice figure, the headscan looks awesome and the parts choice is nice for Muraco. The back of the tights features the lightning bolt logo that Muraco had. This is a very simple figure, but a very nice one at that. I’m not sure why he came with a ring bell, but it’s a good accessory to have.


Overall grade: A





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