• 08/30/2013 (1:38:18 pm)

Teaser trailer for the first EVER Ringside Collectibles film!…

Presenting the teaser trailer for the first ever Ringside Collectibles film, INDY CRED.

“Yes, it’s scripted. But it’s real as [email protected]#$.”

Tom is in his late 20’s and has, for half a decade, dedicated his professional life to wrestling and wrestling action figures with successful marketing work and a wildly popular Youtube channel. With dreams of filmmaking and bewilderment with the current state of mainstream professional wrestling, he sets out to rekindle the fire that made him passionate about it in the first place.

 ‘Indy Cred’ will see Tom embark on professional wrestling training and attempt to develop enough skills with an original goal only of knowing ‘how to wrestle’ and to simply compete in an independent wrestling match.

With a foundation of timid confidence based in humor and thought, in training Tom will be faced with the idea of masculinity, self-esteem and in turn, question what modern society expects from ‘a man’ and how any person should view themselves.

While training (if he can make it that far,) Tom will be faced with legitimate criticisms and reactions from actual wrestling personalities. How honest they will have to be will be up to his progress.

The film will culminate in a professional wrestling match in an independent setting and hopefully, Tom will be able to gain the answers to the questions he has raised for himself in being able to wrestle and making a film.

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