• 12/20/2005 (9:21:28 pm)
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Jakks Pacific has released WWE Line News!

Check it out! This latest issue of the JAKKS News Flash is packed full of information and images on all the newest WWE action figure assortments scheduled to hit your favorite retailers in the coming year. 2006 will see brand new figures, new head sculpts and a whole new assortment of wrestling's greatest characters from the past to the present in our Classic Superstars line. In addition, JAKKS is launching more new retailer exclusives and special figure promotions in 2006!
Deluxe Aggression Figures Series 1

Perfom ALL the most popular signature moves in WWE wrestling! The ENTIRELY NEW line of JAKKS WWE 6-inch action figures have added points of articulation in the stomach, double jointed hips and knees, ball jointed feet, and many more. All 18 figures release throughout the year will have over 20 points of articulation.

Each Deluxe Aggression figure comes with an ACTION ACCESSORY.  Batista shoots weights at his opponents.  Rey Mysterio’s performs the 619 on a turnbuckle post.  John Cena blasts the opposition with his speaker shooting boom box.   Kurt Angle crushes a garbage can.  Triple H brings The Game with a hammer firing sledge. And Randy Orton goes legend hunting with a chair that really dents! Available in February for a suggested retail price of $10.99.


Classic Superstars Series 9

The legendary line of Classic Superstars continues to live up to its name!  Collect all your favorite WWE Superstars from the ‘70s, 80’s, and ‘90s in high-quality, 6-inch,  fully articulated figures.  For the first time in the Classic Superstar line, JAKKS introduces Paul Bearer, Bam Bam Bigelo, Akeem the African Dream, Kamala, Papa Shango, and the Godfather! Ric Flair makes an appearance in one his earlier Rhinestone studded robes.  And the Legion of Doom rounds out the series with Animal in his LOD 2000 gear and Hawk in his Original Road Warrior Costume.  Available at your favorite retailers this March for a suggested retail price of $9.99.

Ring Giants Series 4

Your favorite WWE Superstars are larger than life! The 4th series of the 14-inch, multi-articulated figures introduces for the first time, the Undertaker in large scale! The Undertaker is dressed in his signature blank outfit and painted face. Rey Mysterio is also featured in the line in his traditional costume. John Cena and Batista completes the set. Ring Giants Series 4 will be available in March for a suggested retail price of $14.99. 


Adrenaline 2-pack Series 17

Adrenaline 2-packs are back with WWE's most exciting duo's and thrilling matches. Series 17 features many first time figures and new scanned heads! JAKKS presents for the first time ever, Super Crazy in his traditional wrestling gear and Psycosis in his Mexi-Cool outift. Matt Hardy is back in his signature Matt Hardy t-shirt and camle pants in the Battle between Matt Hardy versus Edge. John Cena's ongoing battle versus Kurt Angle completes the Series, which will hit shelves in April for a suggested retail price of $12.99.


Ruthless Aggression Series 18

The Ruthless Aggression Series 18 figures are characterized by new exclusive decos and new scanned heads. Check out Carlito's new fighting expression and the premier of Heidenreich's new look with his mohawk and road warrior face paint! Eddie Guerrero, Batista, John Cena with the spinning WWE Heavyweight Championship Belt, and Shawn Michaels are also featured in the series.

JAKKS also introduces a special Gold Belt promotion! Every 1 in 500 Shawn Michaels figure will include a die-cast Championship Belt tooled in real leather and plated in gold. Watch out for this special exclusive figure at a retailer near you! Ruthless Aggression Series 18 will be available in March for a suggested retail price of $7.99.


Exclusive Retailer Special - Target Ring & Figure Series 2

Each of the four WWE figures in this line come with a special Ring as featured in programming. John Cena comes with an exclusive concert stage complete with turntables and a DJ set-up; Carlito is featured with his WWE Carlito's Cabana; Piper comes with Piper's Pit; and Rey Mysterio's 619 Cam includes the SmackDown interview area with a ring mat covered with Mysterio's masks, just like in WrestleMania 20. The Ring & Figure Series is available only at Target retailers.


Check out these special JAKKS promotions!



Available only at Toys 'R’ Us!! Exclusive Classic Superstar Billy Graham figure with purchase of $20.00 or more of JAKKS' WWE product! There are three different versions of this figure - collect them all! Version 1 of the Limited Edition Classic Superstar Billy Graham Figure is dressed in jeans; Version 2 comes with his traditional green wrestling gear; and Version 3 features Billy Graham in his infamous pink suit.  Only one figure is available per transaction.

In Stores February 2006.


Classic Superstars 2006 Wrestlemania Ticket Promotion

Even more reason to relive the Glory Days!

Starting with Series #9, each Classic Superstar released in 2006 will include a Commerative Wrestlemania Event Ticket.  Series #9 figures will contain Wrestlemania I through Wrestlemania VI tickets.   All 22 Wrestlemania tickets will be released by December 2006.   Collect them all to redeem for an exclusive Classic Superstars Figure!   Or just collect them all!  See specially marked packages of Classic Superstars for details.



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