• 07/27/2005 (5:05:35 pm)
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Jakks Promotes Jeremy Padawer to Vice President of Marketing

Three promotions at Jakks


MALIBU, Calif.—Jakks Pacific has made promotions within the marketing and creative services departments.

Michael Bernstein is now senior vice president of marketing, boys action toys and games. Bernstein started at Jakks as the vice president of marketing for boys action toys. He is now responsible for product development, marketing and overall business strategy for both divisions.

Gene Work was promoted to senior vice president, creative services for Play Along Toys, a division of the company. He will continue to oversee the Play Along team of graphic designers and art directors as well as provide packaging, products development graphics, presentation materials, print advertisements showroom planning, design and construction. Work has been with Play Along since the company’s inception in 1999 and has contributed to the creation of various product lines, from Britney Spears dolls to Cabbage Patch Kids.








And finally, Jakks promoted Jeremy Padawer to vice president of marketing, boys entertainment and pet products. Padawer, who works on the WWE and Dragon Ball brands, joined Jakks as director of marketing for boys entertainment products in 2003. Padawer will continue to work on product development as well as spearhead brand marketing for the new Pet Pal division.

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