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The Mattel Design Team answers your WWE action figure line questions!…

We are back! Bill, Derek and I feel this venue is the best way to get info back to you. This way, there is one way to post your questions and one place for us to find them.

Please read through the questions and answers before you post a question. Who knows, your question may have already been answered.

We are going to try to do this once a week but please be patient; we are busy guys and are working real hard trying to keep figures and other WWE goodies coming your way!!

- Bill

MDT = Mattel Design Team


McGowan111: Is the Legends Line safe?

MDT: We will continue to offer Legends figures. Our specific plans will be revealed at SDCC.


Weareone1n: Are there any plans for ECW or WCW figures in the legends line?

MDT: Not under these banners specifically but we will be doing superstars from these eras.


Wyleecyotee: Can I have a free figure?
MDT: No! Wait…since you were the first to ask…maybe.

JuiceWinslow: Will we see a “Macho King” with crown and scepter?

MDT:There’s a good possibility!


Wweisthebest: Any plans of a Stephanie McMahon anytime soon?

MDT: Not in the near future!


Wreastlenation: Will we ever get a Hulk Hogan or another Ezekiel Jackson figure.

MDT: As long as Hulk is with TNA, NO! Jackson…yes.


Wccwfanforlife: Why is Elite distribution taking months at a time?

MDT: Unfortunately distribution is a very complicated subject. Issues can be as large as one retailer getting the entire run of a wave, which Mattel works to prevent. To individual local stock staff holding or forgetting to restock, which Mattel has no control over. In between those there are a lot of variables from order timing to the number of levels your retailer has in the distribution chain.


 The best bet you have to try to ensure you get what you are looking for is to talk to your local retailer and make sure they know you are interested in specific items. They will be more likely to make sure they get it if they know someone wants to buy it as soon as it comes in. Some may even hold it for you.


Jbqarq88: At ToyFair about two years back, we saw a Barbie'esque Beth Phoenix doll. Is there any update on that?

MDT: No plans to produce at that scale for now. It is cool though!!!!


Theassassin: Is it possible IN THEORY for a UNMASKED Rey Mysterio Legends figure (depicting his Filthy Animals days) to be made, or will WWE not approve this?

MDT: You answered your own question. You won’t see a Rey without a mask in the forseeable future.


Wccwfan4life: Lately i've been buying figures and their logos have scrapped right off upon removal from the package. I can tell that they haven't been sealed. This almost only happens with basics.
Can this be looked into and fixed?

MDT: This is the first I’ve heard of this problem. We will investigate this.


Marino13: Are we ever gonna get the Savage scan with his teeth showing? I loved that scan!

MDT: Oooooohhhh yeeeeeeeah. (Thanks for everything, we will miss you Randy)


Volcomskater: Is there any plans on producing a stage?

MDT: Yep.


Ricflair4ever: Could we see Basic style Legends in any of the Heritage series?

MDT: Yes, we are considering this in the future.


Boom: How far off is an Elite Alberto Del Rio figure?

MDT: Not far at all!!!


Boom: How likely are we to see managers/non-wrestlers by the end of the year? Vickie Guerrero, Michael Cole and Ricardo Rodriguez would be the perfect names to fill out a collection.

MDT: Yes we will be working these types of figs into the line.


Boom: I'm a huge fan of the Mattel line and the time it takes for a debuting superstar to get his figure out is just about my only real complaint with the line. How long, approximately, is the process from debut until figure release? any possibility of speeding this process up as the line progresses?

MDT: It takes about a year from decision to shelf for a totally new Figure.


Boom: Was a Kaval in the works before he got released?

MDT: Yes he was.


Y9m6h: Are there any plans on a Defining Moments/Legends Booker T, preferably in white?

MDT: Yep, since he is now on air almost every week.(and every time we see him he asks when we are going to do him!!)


Dan88: Ezekiel Jackson is a beast of a man but his figure didn't do him justice, any plans to give him a new bigger torso mold and arms?

MDT: Yes we will be improving Jacksons figure.


Steelfoxstudios: how many Divas have been scanned and will we be getting figures of Alicia Fox, Gail Kim, The Bella Twins,Tamina, Rosa Mendes and Vickie Guerrero.

MDT: We plan to do all active Divas eventually.


Ctln4rko: What will you do with the elite series once everyone in the roster has a figure done?

MDT: Hopefully new superstars will continue to arrive and there is always new attires for existing.


Twiztidn9ne: How do you plan on releasing the Bella Twins? Will they be separate, a 2 pack or perhaps an online exclusive?

MDT: C’mon, there is only one way to do the Bellas!!! together!!


Randyrkorton: Will we possibly see any recently retired titles for the figures, such as both ECW, Women's, Cruiserweight?

MDT: Yes we will try to work these older titles in.



MDT: No, his Wife does not want a figure made so we are respecting her wishes.


Stingchristianrko: Have you guys thought of making a wade barret with a removable and changable nexus and core shirt?
MDT: Its in the works.


Tkw2010: Have you ever considered a 3 3/4 scale figure line? Built like a small verion of Elites. The smaller size would allow them smaller inscale rings and arenas making them easier to display! Plus their slightly lower price would make them economically friendly to parents and collectors alike.! Thank you for your time!
MDT: Yes we considered it, no we are not going to go there…yet.


Tylortylor: Will we get a current elite Rock?

MDT: Yes.


Stonecold316: Are there plans for Gimmick match rings for Basics? (Elimination, Chamber, TLC, etc. because I believe I saw photos of TLC Ring at ToyFair.)

MDT: Yes we have several themed rings in the works.


Hayabusa13: Will we get to see any Macho Man Tribute figure due to what happened=(?

MDT: We  will continue with our current plans for Randy but we will not do a “Tribute” figure.


Hayabusa13: Can we expect any new Cage match play-sets in the near future?

MDT: Yes.


JuiceWinslow: Will we ever see a Legends Umaga figure?

MDT: No probably not.


Thechamp420: Will there be more all star 2-packs?

MDT: I’m guessing yes.


Mykehideous: I would like a reasonable explanation as to why only Defining Moments come with display stands now. It's a ludicrous business decision to give your customers something, only to have it taken away. The lack of stands being packaged with Basics, Elites, 2 packs & Legends has brought me to the question "What exactly are we paying these insanely high prices for your product for?" I have very drastically cut my purchasing of Mattel WWE figures down.

MDT: Its not Mattel's fault. From what I remember, production costs went up and it was either lose detail or lose the stands. Defining Moments has a bigger budget to work with which is why the stands still remain with those figures.

 We have to make hard decisions sometimes since our costs are constantly rising. Our goal is to give you the very best figure we can for the money. If this means removing un-essential accessories such as bases in order to keep accuracy in the figure then we will.

Don’t worry though we are working on a way to bring you bases for your figures so…as a former WWE Mattel marketing guy once said…”stay tuned”!!!!!


Welshmanwwe: Will there be a Mattel Brock Lesnar figure?

MDT: Not as long as he’s signed with Jakks.


Welshmanwwe: Are there plans for a separate WCW Legends line?

MDT: Not a separate one, no.


Cenachief11: Are there any plans to make a Chris Benoit Legends figure? Or maybe DDP or Sting?

MDT: No, Yep, no.


Machomaniac: is there a stock somewhere in Mattel Land of the Elite 1 Jeff Hardy?? so that if one day he returns as a wwe superstar or a hall of fame/ legends deal.. maybe we can get it, or in newer packaging?

MDT: I have a truckload full in my garage…not!!! If he gets it together and returns to WWE we will certainly do his fig.


Mmondrag96: Is there any chance of buying display stands and name tags separately on Matty or RSC?

MDT: Good chance.


Adambomb: Will the Rumblers Evan Bourne be available outside of the "Titantron" set? In a two pack, or a singles release?

MDT: First of all thanks for a Rumbler question,,Yes he will be in both 2 paks and singles.


Adambomb: Will there be a small championship title for the Rumblers figures? I know it's unlikely, but hey, worth a shot asking!

MDT: Great idea, yes.


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