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The Mattel WWE Design Team gave answers to YOUR questions!…

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The Mattel WWE Design Team was not present at Toy Fair 2013 but they still answered YOUR questions asked for the event! Watch as Tom runs down these answers and gives EXCLUSIVE news, including details on a PAUL HEYMAN Build-A-Figure and more!



Q: When will we have a Mattel Paul Heyman figure?

A: It will be a Build a Figure in 2013


Q: When are we going to see The Shield?

A: We are working on getting them in ASAP. We already had scan data on Dean Ambrose from our scanning run in 2012 so he will likely come out first.


Q: Are there any updates on the 3 ½ inch line?

A: Nothing new we can talk about.


Q: Could we ever see a Build a Legend in a regular Elite or Basic Series?

A: An in ring performer is not likely. If we were to do one it would be a manager or announcer.


Q: Are there any plans to release more DC inspired attires like Riddler Kofi, Batman Rey etc?

A: We cannot do figures that have direct DC intellectual property on them (Superman logo shape, etc), but we are okay to do ‘inspired by’ designs. We are allowed to do ‘Batman’ style Rey so make of that what you will!


Q: Will you make a CM Punk with pink/Bret Hart attire from SummerSlam 2012?

A: Not planned and he hasn’t worn it in a while so a likely no. If  he wears it again on a consistent basis we will see.


Q: Will we be getting Kaitlyn and Layla any time soon?

A: Kaitlyn has been delayed as mentioned earlier. Nothing new for Layla planned right now. 


Q: Will there be another Build A Figure series after the one including Teddy Long?

A: We plan on having Build a Figures with both our Basic and Elite Best of PPV offerings at Toys R Us for the foreseeable future.


Q: Will a John Cena breast cancer awareness figure be released?

A: No.


Q: What are the chances of more n.W.o. members being produced?

A: Very, very good.


Q: Will we ever get a Vince McMahon in wrestling gear?

A: Looks likely.


Q: Is Defining Moments ever coming back?

A: No. We tried twice to execute a premium quality action figure and both times they underperformed.


Q: How Do You Decide Who Goes In Each Series, And Who Decides?

A: Derek Handy & Bill Miekina discuss who will go in which series and then we run it by marketing to make sure it makes sense to them. We decide based on a number of factors including:

-          Who is prominent on TV.

-          Who is new and interesting.

-          Who resonates with kids.

-          Who resonates with collectors.

-          Who has not been in the line for a while.

-          Who is selling surprisingly well and surprisingly poorly.

-          We try to create a balanced mix that includes headliners, kid friendly selections, debuts and collector favorites.



Q:How far ahead are you in terms of series planning?

A: We are working on figures now that will come out in December.


Q: Will Mattel make a 2-Pack Elite line?

A: No. Price point does not work for retail.


Q: WrestlingFigs member Smurf asks:  May I please have the Gobbeldy Gooker prototype?

A: No. It’s safe here.


Q: Will we ever see a new bigger body mold for The Rock?

A: Possibly yes, but at the moment we are devoting our tooling money to some of the more recent additions to the roster: (SHIELD, Big E. etc)


Q: Does Mattel haveany plans to make any bigger playsets like Buried Alive or Casket Match?

A: Neither of those are planned right now. Of the two, the casket match is more likely. Buried Alive theme may be too morbid for mass retail.


Q: Will we get any Flashback tag teams like the British Bulldogs, Hart Foundation, Steiner Brothers, etc.

A: Since we are not doing Flashbacks two-packs the challenge is how to fit these in the line.


Q: Any plans for Undertaker with purple gloves?

A: Yes.


Q: Any chance we see the Macho Man Brawlin buddy make it to retail?

A: That was a one off for San Diego Comic Con last year.


Q: Will we see a Money In The Bank Playset?

A: By the end of the year.


Q: Besides Elizabeth, any chance of more Flashback managers such as Paul Bearer, Bobby Heenan, etc?

A: Most likely yes. Nothing immediately planned for either but the Elite Flashback segment is going well.


Q: Will we ever get a kid size Diva title?

A: No. Our role play belt segment is aimed at young boys.


Q: When will we see the new WWE Championship figure belt and kids size belt?

A: Sooner than you think.


Q: Will we see the following Flashbacks?:

WCW Booker T, Chris Jericho, JBL, Stephanie McMahon, Undertaker in debut attire, Eddie Guerrero, Triple H, X-Pac, Roddy Piper, Million Dollar Man, Doink, Lita, New Age Outlaws, Trish Stratus, Bruno Sammartino, Ric Flair, Boogeyman, Scott Hall, Scott Steiner, Goldberg

A: Some of those we do not have rights to, but some on that list will be seen in 2013. Can’t give away yet which ones however.

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