• 11/03/2017 (12:43:32 pm)

By Jonathan Piontkowski

Jonathan Piontkowski here at Ringside Fest 2017 in Times Square, NYC with our Mattel WWE Figure Q&A with Lead Mattel WWE Designer Bill Miekina!  We ask Bill YOUR questions from the WrestlingFigs forums!  Tons of News is revealed from the Mattel WWE Design Team! Watch Below!

Video by Daryl Thomen

Here are some highlights from the Q&A:
– Possibility is much higher now for future WCW belts.
– If the belt pack sells well, there’s a possibility for more.
– Entrance Greats Hardy is updated and will play ‘No More Words’
– Still no future Goldberg to announce.
– Retro ring slated for 2018 but nothing specific.
– SD Women’s Championship will be coming with Walgreens Becky which should ship soon.
– Flashbacks have been shifted towards exclusive lines since stores have been requesting flashbacks.
– Tag teams will be coming in Retro line but probably no 2-packs
– Possibility for more UK exclusives if Tyler Bate sells well.
– There will be more chase accessories for 2018 basics but can’t announce it yet.
– Elite 56 Undertaker was a late replacement where they couldn’t do any sculpting for a completely new look.
– Basic arms won’t be changing back.
– Mattel doesn’t sign figure deals, they go through WWE.
– There will be an elite Jinder.
– Bastion Booger isn’t on the WWE list of Superstars Mattel can work on.
– Good chance for WM12 Warrior and even OWN Warrior.
– Fashion Police might end up back in the Elite line if they stay on tv.
– Next WM BAF after Howard Finkel “is going to blow your mind” Someone who’s never had an action figure.
– Classic Cruiserweights: Tajiri isn’t under a deal anymore. Not sure about some other guys like Kidman or Noble.
– No bigger torso for AJ
– Drew McIntyre will probably be coming in 2018
– updated Alicia Fox: likely
– updated Shield: likely
– Singh Brothers: “Probably Jinder first.”
– Tall Ellsworth limited to first 2,000 and rest will be correct height
– Bill would like to get Curt Hawkins in the line
– New face printing technology is something they’re heavily pursuing
– Summerslam 2017 Finn: Likely
– Elite SD ring is possible if Raw ring sells well
– No Elite Surfer Sting in 2018 but possible. If not, then likely 2019. Bill has a specific attire in mind.

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