Pay Per View Series 8 Review
  • 07/13/2005 (12:50:46 pm)
  • Mike 'HR2X' Levine

Mike reviews PPV 8 aka New Year’s Revolution!


Pay Per View Series 8 (New Year's Revolution)

Shawn Michaels

Great figure. I really like the referee attire because
of the simple fact that if you swap the head out, you
can have your own custom referee. This Shawn is a
great figure for not only the fact that you can swap
the head, but for the fact that he is in the exact
attire he wore at New Years Revolution. Sure, I would
have rathered a ring gear HBK, but with a few fixes,
you can have a perfect HBK because Jakks used the
sweatpants mold on him, so if you swap out the torso,
voila, a newer attire HBK. (of course those who are
perfectionists may want to paint the logos on aswell)

Overall grade: A-


I'm a little skeptical on this figure. Jakks went
ahead and painted the head perfectly. They gave him
the dark rings under his eyes as well as the stubbly
hair that he has. The head is actually the best part
of the figure though. The rest of the figure is a
not-so great repaint of the previous Kane's. A lot of
this figure is unpainted such as the glove and the
pants. My suggestion for this is switch the head with
the PPV 7 Kane and you'll have a perfect Kane.

Overall Grade: C+


Very nice figure, and perhaps his last as many of you
may know, Maven was a victim of the recent WWE
releases. On to the figure.. this figure is actually
the best in the set. The skintone is the same as the
other Maven figures, and this one has tights instead
of the biker shorts. The tights are baby blue with the
magenta-ish color logos on the front and back. I
really don't have any complaints.

Overall grade: A+


Another really good figure out of this set. I'm a bit
dissapointed that there are no kneepads and Jakks went
back to the short Austin styled boots but it's not
that bad. Jakks also added unneeded wristtape, which
Batista never has worn, but that is a simple fix, just
swap the hands out with another Batista. The tattoos
are done very nicely. Jakks added color to the back
tattoo again and all the others have color. They are
also "faded" in to the skin like Rey's are, but I
think that Batista's need to be darker and bolder, not
lighter, but not a huge deal. The tights on this
figure are awesome, the back is similar to AD 12 and
the front, similar to the Trecherious Trios design.
Good figure, could use a bit more though.

Overall grade: B+


Definately... different. Same figure as the RA 11
Eugene but this one has blue boots and no jacket.
Instead of a jacket, he has a Hogan styled "EUGENE"
shirt. I really like this because it even has the
patented Hogan "tears" in the back. Great novelty

Overall Grade: B

Triple H

Definately another Triple H, I'm kind of inbetween
with this one and RA 14. It has the black tights with
the Triple H logos on back and front. The lower body
is nicely chosen parts wise. The right hand should
have the longer tape, but it doesn't, but that can be
easilly fixed. Jakks should have used that Kane styled
torso for Triple H, I feel it works the best. I really
wanted for this Triple H to have the new moustache but
here we have another clean-shaven Triple H. Good
figure, but room for improvement.

Overall Grade: C+

Click here to order Pay Per View Series 8

Click here to order Pay Per View Series 8


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