• 01/02/2006 (6:47:05 pm)
  • Mike 'HR2X' Levine

HR2X Reviews Jakks Great American Bash set





Head scan: This scan is the exact same one as the CS version except it is slightly modified in the paint application and the lack of ponytail. Jakks did a great job on the face paint; Animal now wears less face paint than he did in the early Legion of Doom era.


Attire accuracy: A bit of a disappointment here. The logos on the top of each side of the tights are supposed to wrap around the top rim, but they don’t. The top logos aren’t accurate either. Animal’s logos are also supposed to be out lined in white/ sliver, not gold.  Another major disappointment is the lack of shoulder pads. Animal has always worn these since the early LOD days, why leave them off now? Especially when all Jakks needed to do was repaint the CS ones white.


Part choice: I do like the part choice on the upper body, but the legs look weird. It may be just the fact that the ankles bulge out so much for the joint. I personally think Jakks should have used the Kane boot mold or the kick pad mold.


Misc.: Jakks did add one tattoo, but it disappoints me that they didn’t add more of them, at least the torso ones or the ones on his arms. Why add one, but leave the rest off? Animal should also have some dry brushed on hair. Animal is quite hairy now, and leaving it off makes him look odd. The addition of a SmackDown tag title is great, now with the RA 17 Holly; I have 2 SmackDown Tag belts for MNM!


Overall grade: C -





Head scan: I really love this headscan! This works perfectly for the smirking/ cocky Batista. I definitely think that this head should be on the suited version of Batista though. I have never seen Batista smirk like that in a match.


Attire accuracy: The attire is 100% accurate. Batista actually wore low cut boots at GAB. He also wore this attire when he and Rey Mysterio defeated MNM for the SmackDown Tag team titles.


Part choice: I really love the new torso. I think it works very well for Batista. The part choice is perfect, no complaints here.


Misc.: The tattoos on this figure are among the best that I have seen on a Batista figure. They are colored, and the main color isn’t black like some of the previous ones. The new World Heavyweight title is amazing. It’s about 2 times bigger than the old R3 one that we already have. Not only does it look great on this figure, but it looks great on the DA version as well.


Overall grade: A+





Head scan: This JBL has the same headscan as the AD 12 one. The difference is in the paint application. Jakks did a great job accenting the sculpt with a black wash over the head. This wash pushes paint down in to the sculpt giving the perception of depth.


Attire accuracy: This attire is 99% accurate. Jakks went and added the red, white and blue wrist tape as well as the red, white and blue hat. JBL should have a knee brace and knee pads.


Part choice: The RA 1 Lesnar torso works very well for JBL. The only problems I have with this figure are the lack of kneepads and the boots with the tongues sticking out.


Misc.: I love the removable jacket. Jakks really went the extra mile to make a perfect JBL. I just wish that they had added kneepads and a knee brace.


Overall grade: A-



Rey Mysterio


Head scan: Back to the RA 1 Rey scan. I really do like this scan. It works much better with the smaller legs from AD 15.


Attire accuracy: The attire is accurate in context, but not in color. The side logos on the pants are way too light. At the GAB, the logos on Rey’s pants where a very rich gold, not this watered down gold. Also, Rey’s gloves where camouflage, not plain brown. The pant color is a little iffy, I believe that the pants where a much stronger white and less metallic looking.


Part choice: The part choice is fine. I actually like this Rey head with the newer AD 15 pants. Finally Rey has come playability and doesn’t have to always have a ripped mask.


Misc.: The tattoos look amazing, but they are the wrong color. They should be a dark green, not the bright green Jakks used. Also, it may just be my version but Jakks switched the AALYAH and DOMINIK tattoos to the opposite sides. Not to mention that the DOMINIK one is upside down.


Overall grade: C+





Head scan: Yuck. I hate this scan. I don’t think it looks a thing like The Undertaker. Personally I’d switch to the RA 16 head.


Attire accuracy: The attire is 100% accurate; Jakks gave him leather pants using the dress pant mold.  He even has the Undertaker cross symbol on his leg.


Part choice: I think the part choice is fine although I would have gone with the super heavyweight torso and a cloth tank top.  Jakks also added the MMA glove mold which is a plus since ‘Taker wears MMA gloves.


Misc.:  Unfortunately, he doesn’t come with any accessories. He does have his trademark ‘one elbow pad’ though. I would have liked to see him with a hat at least. If you already have another Undertaker, I’d pass on this one.


Overall grade: C


Orlando Jordan


Head scan: This OJ uses the RA 17 headscan, which works wonders on this figure. This is probably the best OJ scan to date.


Attire accuracy: The attire is about 80% accurate. Jakks didn’t add the red kneepads, nor did they add the red to the wrist tape. Also, there should be black lines around the symbol on the front of the tights and it should have sharp edges and not look like a cloud.


Part choice: I think that the new torso works nicely for OJ. It’s not as ripped, as Batista’s but it’s still pretty well defined. Jakks once again used the Kane boot mold which works fine for OJ.


Misc.: The left arm tattoo is way too short, if memory serves correctly, then it should go on to Jordan’s neck. The best part of the figure is the US title he comes with. Although it looks small compared to the other belts, it’s still a nice belt. The only gripes I have with the belt are the lack of color and the lack of texture on the strap. If you want the US title, pick up this OJ. If you’re looking for an OJ, then get RA 17.


Overall grade: C




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