• 09/03/2005 (3:35:47 pm)
  • Mike 'HR2X' Levine

Mike reviews Ruthless 15.5 with Simon Dean, Chris Masters and more!




Awesome figure, although it is a re-release, Jakks fixed up some of the errors on the other version. This figure has a brand new glove mold, which I really like, because you can see the wrinkles in it as well as the raised spots for the padding. The arm tattoos seem bigger and crisper on this Heidenreich. Unfortunately, that stomach tattoo is still missing, not really that big of a deal. The painting on the hair is very nice as well, Jakks added more of a stubbly look to the hair on the sides.


Overall grade: A



“The Prince of Punk” Shannon Moore


This figure is almost flawless. The headscan is amazing and the blonde streaks in the hair are perfect, this includes all of the earrings that Shannon has as well. Jakks has started a new trend with the tattoos, that being a much lighter paint that looks like it has been screen printed on. I really love the tattoo work; Shannon’s tattoos are similar to the look of the CS 7 Harley Race. Shannon’s pants are fully painted around both the front and back, unlike some figures we’ve seen in the past with only half of the design. Jakks added the “2BME” logo on both the wrist tape and the pants. The only flaw I can find on this figure is the vest is missing the silver patches, other than that, flawless.


Overall grade: A+



Scotty 2 Hotty


Very simple figure, but a very good figure. The headscan is great, but I think that the eyebrows are too dark. The logo on the pants looks great, the white flames outlined with orange really offset the logo from the black pants. The only thing that he lacks are wrist tape and elbow pads. The pants are pretty plain, but I know he’s worn them, I wish they had gone with a different attire.


Overall grade: B+



Eric Bischoff


Very simple figure, but for Bischoff, how complex could it get? I really like the headscan it self, but the paintjob is what throws me off a bit. Bischoff’s hair was/ is much closer to white than a dark grey. Sure, Jakks added some white highlights, but I really don’t think it was enough. Other than the head, it’s just a repainted suit mold.


Overall grade: A-



“The Masterpiece” Chris Masters


As much as I dislike Masters, I have to say that I really like the figure. Jakks nailed the headscan on this one, the likeness is incredible from all angles. The red attire was a good choice because it is one of the few he’s worn more than once. The only thing I would have changed on this figure was the torso to make him look bigger (use the RA 1 Lesnar torso). Jakks actually gave him an accessory that he could use, a steel chair. What for you may ask? “The Master lock challenge!”


Overall grade: A+




Simon Dean a.k.a. Nova


My favorite figures in the set next to Masters and Moore. I was a bit skeptical when I saw the MOC figure in my hand; thinking to myself, I wonder if Jakks added that design to the jacket. Well, Jakks did. Dean’s head is painted on the back of the shirt, along with “SIMON” above it. The headscan again, like Masters’, is perfect from all angles. Jakks made the accessories work with Dean just like they did with Masters. He comes with a white soda can (with no label), which is supposed to be the patented “Fit-no-powder” as well as a water bottle. If you remember back to R3 series 4 (Blue Bloods) Test came with a duffle bag, well, add that to Simon and viola! Now you can have Simon in the ring advertising the “Simon System!”


Overall grade: A+





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