• 10/25/2005 (10:28:44 pm)
  • Mike 'HR2X' Levine

HR2X Reviews Ruthless 16.5!


The Undertaker

This ‘Taker is a bit more detailed than the RA 16 one. This one has all of the new parts (gloves, trench coat, and hat) as well as a new headscan and the missing logo from RA 16 on the pants. The new scan, hmm, I like it but I don’t like it. From certain angles, the head looks great, from others, not so great. I’m not the biggest fan of open mouth scans, they really only look good when used correctly. ‘Taker only does the tongue thing when he pins his opponent after the Tombstone pile driver. If you aren’t a fan of the scan, Id suggest getting this one and swapping the head with the equivalent of the RA 16 head to have the perfect Undertaker.


Overall grade: A-


Rob Van Dam


I really love the new headscan on this RVD. It has the ‘whatever’ attitude personified perfectly, all he needs is some stubble. The rest of the figure is the downfall though. Basically, this figure was supposed to be an updated version of RA 6, but Jakks scrapped 80% of the singlet design. That along with no “RVD” or “VAN DAM” on the kickers just lowers the figure even more. Luckily, Jakks added elbow and kneepads. I really think that RVD needs the Angle short mold because being an avid RVD fan; his shorts are never that long. Jakks really dropped the ball on the singlet design here, especially compared to the Best Of ECW one, which was almost perfect. I think the RA 16.5 head on the BOECW body would look perfect.


Overall grade: C


Chris Jericho


Perfect figure for the High Lite Reel. I love the new shorthaired scan; Jericho was way overdue for a new beardless scan. The attire works nicely, if I remember correctly, Jericho wore this on one of his last appearances on Raw. The head can easily be swapped to any ring attire Jericho for an updated figure.

Overall grade: A





Wow, just wow, the headscan on this figure is amazing. The detail is awesome, through his gritting teeth; you can see the gold teeth he has. The headscan is perfect. The body, well it’s very simple, just a CS 6 One Man Gang. I really would have liked to see the CS 9 Bigelow body used or Big Vis in his pajamas. Jakks added the hand tape, which was a great addition; also, the cloth vest looks great. I wish that the vest had been leather like the proto.


Overall grade: A



Shawn Michaels


I really wanted this figure when I saw the prototype pictures, after I saw the MOC images; I was very discouraged. Jakks took a turn for the worse design wise. This figure is missing most of the original designs, which is a big disappointment. The biggest would have to be the lack of the chest hair and tattoo that where on the prototype. I do love the head though. The scan is dead on and the hair sculpt is amazing. Jakks included elbow pads, which HBK doesn’t wear, but they’re nice to have. The perfect fix up would have to be the Wrestle Mania 21 2 pack (with Angle) with the left arm of the CS 6 HBK.


Overall grade: C+


John Cena


Possibly the best figure in the set. The new shorts mold is perfect; Cena can now bend his legs further than the previous figures. Jakks also added a texture to the short mold to give it the look and feel of jeans. I really wish that this figure had come with something, whether it is the WWE spinner belt or the Chain Gang necklace. I thought that this Cena would have the Chain Gang logos on the bands, but I guess not, they still look great. The only thing the figure lacks is the designs on the shoes, nothing major though.


Overall Grade: A+



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