• 10/17/2005 (1:46:07 pm)
  • Mike 'HR2X' Levine

Mike reviews RA 16 including Batista, Kurt Angle, Triple H, Rey Mysterio & more!



Stone Cold Steve Austin

A very solid figure, one of my favorites in the set. The only thing he lacks is a back design on the shirt. Jakks had to change the original “Unleash Hell” shirt to one that serves just as well in “Unleash Austin”.  There is the new Austin headscan on this figure and I’ve fallen in love with the scan. It looks much better than the TTL 10 scan and it fits RA’s much better. The jeans are accurate because just last week on the Raw Homecoming show, Austin wore jeans to the ring. Definitely one of my favorite Austin’s yet.

Overall grade: A


This Batista is a basic repaint of the other Batista’s released lately. Jakks finally removed the wrist tape from Batista and gave him the bare wrist mold. The tattoos are the only thing I see that are lacking. What are they lacking you may ask? Detail. Unlike the previous Batista’s, the tattoos on this one are all one color (back tattoo and right shoulder tattoo). The dragon on his back isn’t really very visible either.  I’d suggest switching the torso with another Batista to have a perfect Batista. I’ll say one thing, I do love the tights, they look perfect. Jakks also used the newer Batista scan which works perfectly for his heavyweight title reign, not to mention, I like it a lot better than the RA 2 scan.

Overall grade: A-

Rey Mysterio

Same color scheme as the RA 3 one, that maroon color. Jakks used the screaming Rey scan, which works nicely.  Rey has all of his tattoos, including both forearms, back, shoulders, stomach and the underarms. I really love the Aztec logo on the back of the mask and the side of the pants; Jakks used a bright green and some yellow to accent the logos. The back of the mask logo looks superb; finally it looks as if Jakks screen-printed it on. My only gripe is there are 2 tattoos that had red in them on the previous figures, but the red isn’t there on this one. If you don’t already have 300 Rey figures, or the RA 3 one, I’d suggest getting this one.

Overall grade: B+

Triple H

Very well put together figure, as well as being very detailed. The logo on the shirt is phenomenal. Jakks did a great job capturing the logo. Also, this Triple H has logos on the front of his tights, the back of the tights and on the boots! I believe this is only the second Triple H figure that had the logo on the boots. (the other being the Triple H/ Eugene boxed set) Jakks also included the “Triple H” inside the logos on the tights. Jakks also added Triple H’s new beard!  This figure even has the correct wrist tape as well as the boots being the right height. My only gripe with this figure is the lack of a back logo on the shirt, I’m not even sure if that shirt had a back logo.

Overall grade: A

Kurt Angle 

Very nice figure, but it has one big inaccuracy. The boots on this figure are way too long, Kurt always wears shorter boots like Triple H and Randy Orton. I like how Jakks added stars to the kneepads. I like the detailing on the boots, Kurt usually wears his 3 colored boots. The singlet shorts look great, the logos wrap all the way around to the back. The shirt is very accurate sporting the newer Angle ‘A’ logo. Once again, no back design on the shirt. Jakks did do one thing very nicely part wise and that is they didn’t give him wrist tape or the wrist tape mold. Simple figure, but I enjoy it other than my gripe with the boots.

Overall grade: B

The Undertaker

Wow, I’m impressed. There are three new molds/ parts on this one figure. There is the new hat mold that is a much bigger hat than before, much like the original Undertaker’s hat. There is also the new glove mold as seen on the RA 15.5 Heidenreich. Finally there is the new trench coat mold, which is much longer than the ones before. Unfortunately, there is no logo on the pants.  That is the only bad thing though. Jakks went the extra mile here and added black paint around the spots where the coat meets the torso, this way there are no gaps. This figure looks great on display and you can make the hat brim just cover the top of his face.

Overall grade: A+




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