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Tom has a look at the Mattel WWE Elite 25 Shield, Miz, gives thoughts & more!…

Hey fellas, long time no see! It's your old buddy Tom coming to you from Boston, amongst a sea of never ending job applications, gym visits and housewife duties. I finally found time to have a look at a couple things Ringside Collectibles was nice enough to send my way. They even knew what I would like and what I wouldn't as I always said I like to cherry pick action figures and I am in no way, shape or form a basic series collector unless X-Pac manages to only get released like that:


Someone at Ringside thinks they're funny!

The Miz definitely caught my eye in Elite 24. The dude has good charisma, loves the wrestling business and despite being tossed aside by the WWE monster as of late, is doing what he can to re-invent himself and his image with what he is given.


I didn't see The Marine 3 because I'm a movie snot and don't watch things that don't interest me, but I did catch his Christmas movie as Lifetime style movies are a bit of a guilty pleasure. His scruffy face and slicked back hair are subtle changes that you don't think effect much, but he's a lot easier to take seriously here than he ever was with his goofy faux haux. I'm a Miz fan, for sure.


No Miztake, it's a WWE logo crotch shot.

The Shield are next up with quite possibly, other than every Flashback figure released, the most must have Elites of the year. There isn't much of an argument when it comes to The Shield's impact as a stable and most everyone is in agreement that they've made a mark. I don't personally hold them on a Four Horsemen level or anything like that, but I do enjoy them.


Smile for your elementary school yearbook photo!

I saw Dean Ambrose debut for Dragon Gate USA at The Arena and I also caught his farewell EVOLVE match, so I'm a fan and enjoy seeing his career blossom. I didn't think much of his Elite when I saw first images as I really thought Mattel nailed it with his basic and the grimace kind of looked stupid, but seeing it up close, the facial expression is there and it looks a lot like him.


Would you chair to dance?

With the addition of both a ladder AND a table for Rollins and that little bitty camera for Ambrose, it looks as though production on Elites have gone up with cost. So, at least, those of you who feel like you're paying too much can fill a bucket full of accessories along with tears.



That having been said I've never been a fan of Mattel's accessories because frankly they don't look like real furniture or what have you and I think RSC's exclusive ones are leaps and bounds better. You can't call me biased, either, because I don't work there anymore! Ding ding ding ding ding!

That's all for now, next time I'll talk the long awaited Road Dogg, Roman Reigns and give my thoughts on Mattel WWE Slam City.

See ya then!

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