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Plus thoughts on Slam City and more!


Yo friends! Happy holidays and salutations. I'm in the midst of holiday travel and getting the cheers out via Home Alone 1 & 2 viewings and an occasional half pound bag of candy. What a time of year! Holiday coma is the key to smiles and survival if you're into that sort of thing. If not, I hope your key to survival is more practical. Check out what is one of my and many of your most long awaited figures, Mattel WWE Elite 26 Road Dogg!


Ohh you didn't know my favorite food was quiche?

Road Dogg was one of my favorites during the Attitude Era, or the time I was a wrestling fan most, and good or bad, up or down, I followed DX. I didn't care who they were facing off with. It's unfortunate the modern day creative staff (I don't know if they knew it then, either) doesn't realize kids stick behind the wrestlers they love the most and don't necessarily need things to change on such a regular basis. Road Dogg was always one of the best examples of that to me.



Roman Reigns is everyone's beastly favorite member of The Shield and I'm pretty surprised Mattel managed to get these three figures out before their WWE expiration date. It speaks well to the line and to its' future and hopefully isn't the first time it happens. As far as all the Reigns Rumble talk, I don't know if they will be able to pull the trigger on anything other than tying Kane's record or something like that but you never know. In the meantime, all you need to do is buy 30 Elite Roman Reigns figures and you'll be able to fully barricade your ring!



I said it before and it oddly enough rings true to what I was saying about DX, but hopefully the 'stale' gun isn't jumped on The Shield right now. Why not just let them continue to exist on their own and go their separate ways but remain a team? There are possibilities that would ring fresh and seem old school at the same time. It isn't the wrestling world we live in but you can always wonder.


We visit the tree together every year.

 When I first saw Slam City I kind of rolled my eyes and attributed it to Mattel's ADD with their goofy focus groups and who knows what else trying to get kids to jump for the next big toy. Rumblers were a surprise success and cooler than what anyone expected so Slam City is the next evolution. I thought they were lame as hell looking at them for the first time but I ran into one in the store and didn't realize they had stretchy arms and could be launched so my bright, shiny object button has been pushed. Hopefully it's just as expansive a line because while I like Rumblers and their collectability, these are honestly better and more fun all around than that product so I'd like to see them continue and not go the way of the Flex Force.

The key to making that successful is leaving character creations up to the WWE, who already have a difficult enough time making things up without contributions like "The Finisher."



No one will ever be able to match TNA's luck of bringing Suicide out of nowhere and look what happened to him, anyways. I say leave The Finisher at home with The Tie Up and The Heat and just create pre-existing characters, instead.

I'm looking forward to seeing Elite 27 in the new year and hope everyone is enjoying their hobby and their life outside of it. Happy Holidays, my friends.

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