• 03/19/2017 (11:03:13 am)
  • Bob Mulrenin
THE POWER SLAM Interviews Volume 2 is available to purchase from Amazon: 
It should be available from iBooks and Kobo on Tuesday/Wednesday.
The Power Slam Interviews Volume 2 is the second and final collection of interviews originally published in Power Slam: The Wrestling Magazine.
Spanning the period 1996-2014, the anthology includes Q&As with Brian Pillman when he was the subject of a bidding war between the WWF and WCW in 1996, Mick Foley just weeks after his Hell In A Cell match with The Undertaker at King Of The Ring 1998, Bryan Danielson before he became Daniel Bryan in WWE, and Brock Lesnar as he was in training for his UFC debut in 2008.
Volume 2 features an epic career retrospective with Bruno Sammartino before he buried the hatchet with Vince McMahon, incisive commentary from Paul Heyman when he was in talks with TNA/Impact Wrestling in 2010, and a hair-raising chat with the controversial Jerome ‘New Jack’ Young. 
Each previously published interview comes with a new introduction that explores the interviewee’s talents and accomplishments and place in wrestling history, and takes the reader back to the time when the interview took place.
The complete list of interviewees is as follows (year in which the interview took place in parentheses):
From the 1990s:
Brian Pillman (1996), Diamond Dallas Page (1998) and Mick Foley (1998).
The 2000s:
Kid Kash (2004 and 2007), Scott ‘Raven’ Levy (2005), Mitsuharu Misawa (2005), Samoa Joe (2005), Bryan Danielson (2006 and 2008), Brock Lesnar (2007), Harley Race (2008), A.J. Styles (2008), Randy Orton (2008), Bruno Sammartino (2009), Mike Bucci (2009), Triple H (2009) and Stephanie McMahon (2009).
The 2010s:
Paul Heyman (2010), Nigel McGuinness (2012 and 2013), Jerome ‘New Jack’ Young (2012), Lex Luger (2013), Sean Waltman (2013), Leon ‘Vader’ White (2013) and Steve Austin (2014).
Furthermore, The Power Slam Interviews Volume 2 includes new interviews, recorded in 2016, with Matt Hardy, Daffney, Colt Cabana, The Honky Tonk Man and Revolution Pro Wrestling promoter Andy Quildan, along with other original content.

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