• 04/26/2012 (12:38:09 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

We went to the Hulk Hogan Signing and we did to have the VIP tickets , which we had gotten there 3 hours early. Before Hogan had gotten there they told us where to form the line , first it was the picture then you had to get back in line for the autograph which seemed great but it never happened that way .
When Hogan had gotten there you had drunks screaming that he was there, people crowded all around the front of the table taking pictures and that included the ones who were running it ,so after everybody calmed down they started to take the pictures.
We were the first ones to get our picture , I had gotten pushed back by the lady who was running it when my husband when up there to get the picture . You could not even say 2 words to Hogan , you were rushed so fast to get through the line .
Also the advertising said the 99.00 was for autograph and photo with signature was 150.00, well if thats the case where did the other 50.00 go that we had to pay !
In my opinion it was ran very poorly an very unorganized in which I have been to so many I can honestly say they need to stick to just being a bar !

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