• 07/07/2013 (12:12:13 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Having read the previously submitted fan report I decided to offer my experience. I agree with some of the previous fan's assessments but disagree with others. First I would like to say that I usually find the matches at TNA house shows to be better quality in most cases than what is on TV and would have to say that this was indeed the case this past Friday night in Brooklyn. 
One of the main reasons that I personally attend TNA shows is for the interaction they offer the fans with the wrestlers at these events. As wrestlingfigs.com noted on the previous fan report TNA did not offer a Platinum VIP package this year which I had taken advantage of in previous years so, yes, this was a bit of a let down. As for the $50 backstage pass, that allows 2 adults to meet the wresters and get photo ops during intermission. My friend and I split the cost so for $25 each we got to meet AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, Devon, Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, and Bobby Roode. Think about what that would cost at a convention. Six superstars times $40 a combo would be $240. We experienced that for one tenth the price.
We were some of the first people in line so we didn't feel the rushed atmosphere I guess, but I will honestly say that there were a lot of people in line as we were leaving so it may very well have become more hectic after we had gone through.
My biggest gripe was the lack of organization and the confusion on the part of staff regarding where to be for these autograph opportunities. First on the tickets which I purchased on line and printed at home it stated that field level ticket holders should enter from the boardwalk entrance and bowl seat ticket holders should enter by the main gate on Surf Avenue. Well I arrived an hour and a half before the gates were to open and went to the boardwalk gate only to find it not staffed and them having no intention of using that gate for anyone to enter. By the time I went to the other gate there was a significant line. This had no impact on me obtaining my preshow autographs from Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, Eric Young, Jesse Godderz, Austin Aries, Gunner, and James Storm but was annoying none the less.
For the intermission backstage pass session we were first direct to merchandise stand but there was nobody there to direct us where to go or who even seemed to know anyone who could tell us where to go. We just wandered down to the outside bar entrance and were lucky to find where the line was going to be.
The post show photo op with Kurt Angle was included with the backstage VIP or could be purchased separately for $20. I got my photo with Kurt in the ring because even though I had met him at a number of shows all my photos included other wrestlers. On my way out of the stadium I stopped at the merchandise stand to find Joseph Park selling and signing Park, Park and Park handtowles for $5 and stopped to purchase one.
TNA does many things right and could improve in some other areas, namely information and organization but overall I had a really great time and enjoyed the show.
Roland Udert

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