• 07/02/2013 (12:32:19 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Circle Hyundai of Shrewsbury, NJ hosted an awesome signing on July 1, Eric Simms brought in the talent and a greater group of guys could probably not have been found. These guys gave the fans a special evening.
Given the closeness of tables (Nikolai and Bundy at one table, Snuka, Doink, Tito and Marty at the other) sometimes the line would move slow so with pileups in the line fans could get extra time speaking with the wrestlers. Fans would have time to chat, get autographs (a few got many multiples) and take photos. With so many paid signings today and very few free signings, in this day last night's signing was a very rare event. I am so glad to have been a part of it.
I'm not sure if they sold any cars but the publicity had to be great. I hope this becomes a yearly event or maybe other dealerships or newly opening stores or restaurants can take note. These wrestlers are still loved 20-30 years after the big stage.
The dealership also a buffet of sandwiches, salad and drinks before the start which was very classy.
Baltimore, Maryland


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