• 11/11/2013 (2:34:55 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Hi Everyone,

I attended the big event and what a stampede of people to start.  I started my meeting Debra and she's was so cool.  I proceeded to meet Mick Foley, who had a fairly big line...he was so cool and he invited me to his comedy show in LI.  I went to the RF booth to meet Terry Funk and Victoria...both amazing people and loved meeting them.  Next stop, 80's superticket with Demolition, Tito Santana, Brutus Beefcake, Paul Orndorff, Haku and Barbarian...All cool people. 

Funny thing was Sunny was at the same vendor and she remembered who I was from WSpectacular.  I was shocked she called me by name, but did have a lengthy convo that day. 

Okay next I picked up my Wolfpac and HS/KS tix.  Then went to meet Maryse who was with FWE and she told me to tweet the pic to her...charming woman. HS/KS were next as I met George Steele, Rockin Robin, Trinity and the Rougeaus.  They stopped lines for the Wolfpac cause it was chaotic...told everyone to return in 30 mins. I met my friends who were meeting Hogan...they let me inside, cause the vendor remembered me from comic con.  I got to shake hogans hand again which was awesome. 

I proceeded to go to the next room...Hurricane, Dibiase and Al Snow were all signing.  I spoke to 3B about the Ashley situation last month and he rectified it by giving me free Nitro Girls photo...that was cool of him.  Now here's the long line for Jericho but worth it....long story short, he was such a cool guy and the promoter Tommy gave me an extra 8x10 for promoting the event.

Next was DDP and this was the longest I ever spoke to a wrestler.  I told him I was on day 4 with DDP Yoga and he lit up.  He gave me pointers and provided wisdom.  Said they'll be a workshop in NY at the next signing he appears.  I loved meeting him and made the right choice choosing him over Sid and Bundy (No disrespect of course). It was tough to meet every talent...so much to choose from.  Now me and friends proceeded to the Wolfpac area again....hopped on line...got my Scott hall items signed and he was so cool.  As I got closer they said get your Nash stuff signed cause he has to leave to the airport soon.  After a while, Nash put his jacket on and walked out...it was crazy.  Plenty of disappointed fans, but it was rectified by High Spots/K&S....they gave fans refunds.  I still got one with Hall and XPac...that's a cool one cause of the feud.  I was able to sneak in a photo with Scorpio and Rosita before things ended.  That's all!  I recommend this to any wrestling fan in the tri-state area.

Til Next time,
- David


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