• 08/09/2008 (9:11:10 pm)
  • Georgiann Makropoulos


In an effort to minimize inaccurate reports about Walter "Killer" 
Kowalski, his wife has asked us to send a brief update:

Initial reports by Georgiann Makropolous were correct in that Walter 
did, in fact, have a heart attack late on Friday.  At the time, he 
was revived, placed on life-support and transferred from the nursing 
facility to an area hospital.  Friday night and Saturday were 
critical for Walter.  As of Saturday evening, Walter was more 
responsive to those around him, including some visitors from the 
wrestling industry.  He is still being assisted by medical equipment 
but certain vital signs have improved slightly.  The medical staff is 
hoping that he will continue to stabilize.

Walter is still in serious condition and we can all only hope for 
continued improvement.  His wife believes that his slight improvement 
is due to the thoughts and prayers that he has been receiving from 
around the world.  She asks that everyone continue to pray for Walter.

As always, messages can be sent to Walter through his school:  
www.killerkowalskis.com or through the mailing address on the site.

Again, we ask that everyone think of Walter during this difficult 
time and resist the spread of inaccurate information and reports.

Thank you,

Jamie Jamitkowski
Killer Kowalski's Pro Wrestling School

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