• 04/18/2019 (1:20:13 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin
It’s time to catch up on all the breaking news with the WWN Family. Let’s get to it….
Adam Cole & Kassius Ohno Matches: NXT Superstars Adam Cole and Kassius Ohno are coming to EVOLVE on May 10th in Livonia, MI and May 11th in Indianapolis, IN. will announce their matches tomorrow. Challenges have already been made as you can see by the tweets in this WWN Alerts. Cole and Ohno will both be in matches you can only see in EVOLVE! Get tickets now at Both Cole and Ohno will be available for Meet & Greets at these events.
Josh Briggs Recovery: We are seeing how tough Josh Briggs is now. Briggs is way ahead of schedule for his return to the ring after the injury he suffered in March. In fact, Briggs has gone as far as to make this challenge for EVOLVE in May.
Kingston vs. Stallion Signed: The first match signed for the next set of EVOLVE events is EVOLVE Tag Team Champion Eddie Kingston of The Unwanted vs. Curt Stallion. It will take place on May 10th in Livonia, MI. The Unwanted attacked Stallion in March. Stallion has asked for and been granted this match. We’ll have many more match announcements for both Livonia and Indianapolis tomorrow.
Babatunde & Jaoude Return To EVOLVE: NXT Superstars Adrian Jaoude and Babatunde are confirmed for EVOLVE in May.
WWN Recruitment Camp: The 1st ever WWN Recruitment Camp last weekend was a huge success. The participants are pictured above with Coach Terry Taylor. This was an unprecedented event with the participants learning from WWE PC Coach Serena Deeb, NXT & 205 Live Superstar Oney Lorcan, WWE PC Coach Terry Taylor, WWE/NXT Referee Drake Wuertz, WWE PC Coach Norman Smiley and NXT Superstar Court Moore. You can expect to see some talents from the WWN Recruitment Camp on upcoming EVOLVE events. Plans are being made for the next WWN Recruitment Camp. You can watch the tryout matches from last Sunday now at the WWNLive Facebook.
Next WWN Seminar/Tryout: If you are a wrestler, referee or manager you don’t have to wait until the next WWN Recruitment Camp to learn and get an opportunity. The next WWN Seminar/Tryout will be May 11th in Indianapolis with special guest NXT Superstar Kassius Ohno. Go to the Seminar/Tryout section for all the info.
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