• 09/22/2013 (12:11:12 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

I was recently sent a link to your site from a friend that saw the post about the unhappy fan at The Shield signing on September 8, 2013 on Long Island. I am glad some one sent word about what a poorly run signing it was.

    I can confirm that the staff running it had no clue whatsoever as to what they ere doing. I got to the mall at 10:15. The manager said the earliest we could line up was 10:00. I get there and there's tons of people already there. Truth is mall opens at 8:00 and people had been lined up since then. I went with my wife and I took my son with me and my daughter went shopping with my wife so I gave her the phone in case she needed it. I got up to the Shield at around 12:55 pm. 

   Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins were just miserable that day. Neither seemed like they wanted to be there. Rolling their eyes at fans, not really talking with any one, etc. Dean Ambrose though was amazingly friendly to fans. Here is where my issue started: My son and I get up there again at about 12:55. The gentleman says "Give me your phone and I will take your picture." I said I gave my phone to my wife I thought I paid $25.00 for a professional picture. He says to me "Our camera isn't working so it has to be your phone or camera." I said this is ridiculous because, here is the kicker,  the $25.00 covered your professional photo which you were supposed to have the Shield sign. You paid $25.00 to have a picture taken and printed out and then the Shield would sign it. So now I have no phone so no photo which also means no autograph. So what the hell did I pay $100.00 for? My son goes to talk to Ambrose when the manager says "Sir, please tell your kid to move along." Move along? We waited in line for almost 3 hours to get no picture or autograph and now he can't even talk to them? It was a complete waste of time.

   Former WWE referee Tim White was there as well (must be a road agent now) and I said hi to him and we talked for a minute and he said "I have never seen a signing run this poorly in my three years of coming to these. This guy has no idea how to run this and he has no comprehension of time."

   I immediately go to the store and I am told by the assistant manager that I should have taken the refund rather than hand in my photo ticket. Like the person said in your post there was absolutely no mention of a refund for the picture. The $75.00 was also supposed to cover the autograph we didn't get. I was told "Well it was your fault you didn't have something on you for us to take the photo with and you did get to meet them so we cannot refund you your $75.00. They offered me a $25.00 gift card. Really? I am going to get something from you that I have to spend in your store?

   As I was leaving I saw a lot of people enter the store. Apparently the ass backwards way they ran this was you get your photo (when the camera was working), they print it out, then you get BACK ON LINE to have them sign it. A lot of people went back on line, waited another hour or two, but the Shield had to leave before they got it signed since it took so long (Shield left at 1:00 sharp I understand). 

   I called Steiner Sports corporate line the next day and the representative I spoke with was great. He told me by no means was I the first to call about that signing and he told me that I could expect a $100.00 gift card in the mail that could be used online or at any Steiner Sports location and not just at that one store. 

   What is really a shame is my son has no photo or even autograph from his first WWE signing ever, but that this manager has apparently run these horror shows of signings before and will most likely continue to do so in the future. Obviously you already ran an article about bthis, but I wanted my voice to be heard and I wanted your readers to know this person did not have a one time bad experience, but that others also were furious and outraged at the unprofessional ism of this manager and his store.
Thank You,

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