• 04/29/2007 (8:02:20 pm)
  • Press Release

The American Wrestling Federation returned to action, after too long of an absence, in Plymouth Meeting, PA on Saturday night April 28th. The show was held in the Colonial Elementary School Gym, with hundreds of fans in attendance, and was a fundraiser for local handicapped youngster Janie Carbo. Besides seven outstanding matches involving WWE and TNA stars along with area wrestlers from the AWF, NWS, and ACPW, the show featured the induction of three wrestling legends into the AWF Hall Of Fame.

The opening match was a tag-team encounter featuring Big Slam Vader & Cueball Carmichael, managed by Royce Profit, taking on Philadelphia's double-tough Krash Krew, Kwame & Wrecker with Gemini in their corner. The match was heavy-hitting, as one might expect with four men of that size. In the end, the teaming experience of Krash Krew won out, as a double clothesline put down Cueball for the 1-2-3 pinfall and victory to Krash Krew.

The second match was a three-way dance involving NWS stars J.D. Smooth and Nicky Oceans, taking on none other than TNA star Brother Runt, a.k.a. WWE & ECW star Spike Dudley. Smooth and Oceans knew their work was cut out for them against Spike, started off double-teaming him in an attempt to keep him off his feet. Spike battled back and kept pace with Oceans and Smooth. When Oceans' and Smooth's double-teaming kept Spike from getting a pinfall, Spike (naturally) beat up the AWF referee, screaming "I don't like YOU!" The hurt referee was replaced by senior NWS referee Kenny Edwards, who kept the match on an even keel until Spike acid-dropped Oceans on top of Smooth and covered both of them for the 1-2-3 pinfall and victory.

The third match of the night was a special Ladies Match, referee'd by lady wrestler Roxie Cotton, between arch-rivals Alicia (with Darren Wyse & Exotic Erica backing her up) and Native American Princess Alere Little Feather. The two battled in and out of the ring, as has become customary between the two tough women. Alere overcame the outside interference of Wyse and Erica, and bulldogged Alicia from the top rope to pin her 1-2-3 and get the victory. Alere even bulldogged Wyse for good measure.

The fourth match of the night was a tag-team grudge match. Out first came NWS' Jenny Craig reject, the 400-pound Saddam Insane, and his partner Sheik Cicero, managed by King Ran-sid Akhbar Idu Stinq. The crowd boos changed to cheers as out came WWE & WCW star The Patriot and AWF's international star Tom Brandi. The crowd then rose to its feet and the cheers got even louder as out came their manager, the one and only "Living Legend" Bruno Sammartino. The bad boys from Baghdad immediately attacked The Patriot and Brandi, but they battled back, and Cicero found himself on the receiving end of a powerbomb from Brandi and was pinned 1-2-3. Patriot and Brandi also attacked and leveled King Idu Stinq to the delight of the crowd.

Out to the ring came the noted pro wrestling journalist from 1Wrestling.Com, Bill Apter, to introduce the three inductees (all well deserving) to the AWF Hall Of Fame: Referee Dick Woehrle, WrestleMania legend King Kong Bundy, and the one and only "Living Legend" Bruno Sammartino, who received a long standing ovation from the crowd.

After intermission, the fifth match was an AWF North American Title Match between champion King Kahlua, led to the ring by Darren Wyse & Exotic Erica, taking on challenger Chris Steele. Steele, a protege of King Kong Bundy, took the fight to Kahlua and kept the match even despite the outside interference from Wyse. In the end, however, Wyse's interference was the key, as he pushed Steele off the top turnbuckle into a spine-breaker from Kahlua, who pinned him 1-2-3 to retain the title.

For the sixth match, out first came Corporal Punishment, managed by Judd The Stud. They claimed to have stolen the 50/50 fundraiser money for Janie Carbo, and were going to spend it in Atlantic City. Out came his opponent, WWE WrestleMania legend King Kong Bundy. Bundy immediately went after the Corporal, who, to his credit, fought well for a guy nearly 100% out-weighed. But neither Bundy nor Janie Carbo would be denied in the end, as Bundy hit his patented Avalanche and Spash on the Corporal and pinned him for a Bundy Five-Count to win the match. Bundy then attacked Wyse and recovered the fundraiser money.

Then it was time for the main event. Out first came ECW star "Dastardly" Danny Doring and his partner area superstar Ricky Landell, with their manager Royce Profit. Then over the P.A. came those famous words: "Oh, you didn't know? Your ass better CALLLLL SOMMMMMEBODDDDDY!!!" The crowd cheered as out came TNA stars Kip & B.G. James, but this night they were hailed as, and did their old WWE introduction as, "The Badass" Billy Gunn & "The Roaddog" Jesse James, The New Age Outlaws! Roaddog and Gunn tore into Doring and Landell, but they were up to the challenge, and kept the Roaddog in their corner and worked him over for several minutes. But Gunn eventually came in and cleaned house, and hit a Famouser on Doring (the pin attempt was broken up) followed by a hip-toss into a hard powerbomb, which got the 1-2-3 pinfall and victory for the Outlaws to end the night and send the crowd home happy


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