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All the NWA News ….


Shows for affiliates & associates will be Thursday October 6 in
Springfield, Tn. at Flea Country and Friday October 7 in Lebanon,Tenn. at the National Guard Armory.

The show for the members will be Saturday Oct 8, at the TennesseeState Fairgrounds  Sports Arena in Nashville, Tenn.

Motel Reservations can be made now at the Super 8 Motel - 720 Royal
Parkway - Nashville, Tenn.  Telephone # 615-889-8887. Rates are also
good for fans.  $30.00 + tax for a room with 2 double beds or room
with a king size bed.  Use the reservation code of NWA-C8 for the
discounted rate.  Price also includes a complimentary breakfast,
indoor pool and jacuzzi, free shuttle from and to the airport and to
the fairgrounds for the Saturday show.

Yours in Sports,
Mike Porter, Vice President
National Wrestling Alliance Board of Directors

Check out NWA WILDSIDE TV on the internet at  A new episode is up every Monday.

RITES video is now available at the merchandise section, and updates
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ildside TV "Classics" -301- Cross/Phoenix
By: Larry Goodman   

"The Wildside Kingpin" Jeff G. Bailey introduced this edition of
Wildside Classics, featuring matches that had never before aired on
Wildside TV. This hour was dedicated to the NWA Elite. Bailey said
that since the jerk of a producer wouldn't allow him to pick the
matches, he was unable to provide a preview.

Cut to the intros for the "Ultimate Jeopardy" match at Christmas Chaos
'02. Good grief, that mat was crusty looking. An amazingly clean cut
Dan "The Dragon" Wilson explained the stips. If John Phoenix won,
Jason Cross would give up his TNA contract to Jeff G. Bailey, Bailey
would manage Cross on PPV, AND Rick Michaels' wrestling career was
over. If Cross came out the winner, then Bailey would lose his
position as CEO of NWA Wildside. Michaels came through the curtain on
a walker. Watching security help Michaels down the ramp, it sure
looked like his career was already over.

Jason Cross (with Rick Michaels) beat John Phoenix (with Jeff G.
Bailey) in 18:50. They went nose-to-nose. Phoenix threw the first
punch. They traded. Cross landed a roundhouse kick to the temple and
Phoenix bailed. Cross exploded on Phoenix at ringside. Cross posted
Phoenix right in front of Michaels. Cross rolled Phoenix back inside
the ring, but Phoenix retreated to safety again. Cross surprised
Phoenix with a tope con hilo. Cross dropped Phoenix with a short arm
clothesline. Cross whipped Phoenix into the security rail. Wilson
highlighted the fact that Phoenix and Cross had been best friends
since childhood. Phoenix crawled back into the ring. Cross connected
right on the button with a missile dropkick. Super elevation. Phoenix
threw a foot over the ropes at two. Cross used a spinning legdrop
followed by a somersault legdrop for a two count. Cross caught Phoenix
right in the grill with a rolling wheel kick. Cross tattooed Phoenix
with high kicks. Cross did a backflip off the turnbuckles and caught
Phoenix with a snap huracanrana. Phoenix begged off, poked Cross in
the eyes, and rained down punches. Phoenix tried to duplicate the
backflip/rana sequence, but Cross countered with a brutal sitout
powerbomb. Phoenix rolled a shoulder at 2 and ½. Phoenix went to the
floor, as the impact of the powerbomb appeared to legit knock the wind
out of him. They had to buy time here. While still trying to
recuperate, Phoenix intercepted Cross on an up and over and whiplashed
him to the mat. Not full power, but Cross sold it huge. Phoenix
destroyed Cross' back for the next 8 minutes. Phoenix went to a single
leg crab. Wilson mentioned that Phoenix had beaten Cross at Freedom
Fight '02 with the aid Bailey's fistful of coins. Cross made the
ropes. Cross collapsed after taking hard whips into the corner.
Phoenix used a vertical suplex. Phoenix vented his spleen at Michaels.
Cross scored a reversal into his deadly brainbuster, but Phoenix
countered with a head and arm suplex. That was sweet. Phoenix said it
was over. He hit a huge sitout powerbomb of his own and Cross kicked
out at two. Cross sparked a lucha-inspired exchange with an armdrag.
When Phoenix tried for a quebradora, Cross slicked him with a roll up.
Phoenix leveled Cross with a lightning kick to the jawbone. Phoenix
went out to confront Michaels. Cross sent Phoenix sprawling with a
baseball slide through the ropes. Phoenix gathered himself for a swift
kick to the gut of Cross. Phoenix told Michaels he would come back for
him later. Phoenix hit a frogsplash to the back of Cross. Back cover
and Cross kicked out. Phoenix applied a camel clutch. Cross tried to
get to a vertical base. Phoenix cut him off, hit a back suplex and
then a northern lights suplex for a near fall. Then a Saito suplex
followed with a belly to belly suplex. Cross kicked out of a back
cover. Phoenix hooked a leg and Cross kicked out again. Phoenix used a
standing surfboard. Cross reversed it. Phoenix hooked Cross' arms with
his legs and rolled through for a two count. Phoenix hit the
quebradora with an inverted Falcon Arrow chaser. Cross kicked out
again. Phoenix went to the top. Phoenix took the Flair bump on a press
slam. Both men slow to rise. Cross came up firing. Cross with a
spinning leg lariat and Phoenix weakly rolled a shoulder. Cross
countered a hiptoss with a bulldog. Cross hit a top elbow with major
hang time. Phoenix barely got a foot on the ropes. Cross snapped off a
huracanrana, and they both kept rolling though for pin attempts. It
looked Cross was trying to set up the Idolizer. Whatever it was, this
spot was ugly. Phoenix hit a superplex. Cross kicked out of a delayed
one arm cover. Phoenix went for a superkick. Cross blocked it and
dropped Phoenix on his head with a dragon suplex. Cross hooked the leg
and Phoenix was out at 2 and ¾. Cross signaled for the Crossfire.
Bailey knocked Cross off the top with a chain to the head. Ref Andrew
Thomas was oblivious to it. Phoenix hit a 450 to the back of Cross,
who kicked out for a great false finish. Cross hung Phoenix out to dry
on a dropkick and hit a running SSP for a near fall. Phoenix threw an
arm over Cross and Thomas made a quick two count. A rapid fire series
of reversals left Cross positioned for the brainbuster. He pointed at
"The Original Chosen One" and did Michaels' signature Double Shot.
Cross climbed to the top. Bailey tried to clock him with a roll of
coins, but Cross kicked Bailey off the apron and hit the Crossfire
(Shooting Star Legdrop) to pin Phoenix.

Postmatch, Bailey was giving Phoenix hell. Bailey slapped him across
the face. Phoenix collared Bailey and reared back. Phoenix acted like
he was turning the other check…and decked Bailey with a superkick.
Thomas hustled Bailey out the back door. Phoenix called Cross into the
ring. They gave each other props and hugged. The entire babyface
dressing room poured into the ring. They brought Michaels in there,
walker and all. Cross hugged Michaels. The wrestlers applauded
Michaels and lead the crowd in a chant of "Rick, Rick, Rick."

COMMENTS: A superb choice. It showed best friends and former training
partners at the peak of their powers. Plus, this match had a great
story that, like so many of Wildside's best stories, was a compelling
blend of fact and fiction. Wilson and Prazak did a great job of
intertwining the storyline into their call of the match. Phenomenal
aerial display by Cross. Phoenix dissected the back with surgical
precision. Both were on point with their selling, especially Phoenix.
Heelishly exaggerated but not so much as to make it comic. The
postmatch scene had the unmistakable feel of true gut level emotion.
Michael returned to the ring four months later, although at nothing
close to 100%. Phoenix made one more appearance in Wildside (teaming
with Cross), before going into semi-retirement.

Cut to Azrael sitting in pitch black darkness under some freaky
illumination. He lovingly caressed his homemade carving instrument. We
heard the words of "Kingpin" Bailey regarding the upcoming match at
Fright Night '03 between the NWA Elite and God Squad.

…It's time to set random fires and it's time to destroy false
prophets. Altar Boy Luke, you may have corrupted the mind of Gabriel,
but Father James Mitchell has generously loaned me the services of his
own disciple straight from hell, Slash. And at Fright Night, you both
will know the agony of hell on earth. Azrael, The Angel of Death, has
already butchered the Altar Boy and broken the collarbone of Gabriel.
And now with Slash by his side, his evil will reach a new level. Altar
Boy Luke, Gabriel, there will be no salvation. No forgiveness. No
redemption, rebirth or regeneration. Just erasure. Fright Night 2K3,
You're both gonna find out that the NWA Elite is the most dangerous
human spectacle since Christians were fed to the lions.

(From Fight Night '03) Altar Boy Luke & Gabriel beat Slash & Azrael
(with Jeff G. Bailey) in 10:18. Hot four way opening. Gabriel was on
fire with the aerial attack, including a slingshot leg scissors that
took Azrael over the top and dropped him on his ass, a spinning
headscissors, and a springboard double stomp to the back. At 1:30, the
match did a 180 when Azrael shrugged off Gabriel's powerbomb and
punted his face on the way down. Slash followed with a cutthroat
neckbreaker. Gabriel looked dead. Slash hit a back suplex and tagged
out. Azrael opened up with a barrage of kicks. Slash did a press slam
dropped into an inverted DDT for a near fall. Slash lit Gabriel up in
the corner. Slash bit Gabriel's forehead. Prazak talked about the
amazing transformation Slash had undergone over the course of his
career. Gabriel fired back at Slash, so Azrael clubbed Gabriel in the
head. Wilson brought up the little known fact that "Sinister Minister"
James Mitchell and Bailey grew up together. "You can imagine the poor
children that were tortured in their classroom." Gabriel was eating
ungodly strikes from Azrael. Gabriel used an overhead suplex to fire
Azrael headfirst into the top turnbuckle. Both down. Azrael grabbed
Gabriel's leg and made the foot tag. Slash dropped an elbow. Slash
threw some great punches. Slash made ugly remarks to suck Luke into
the ring. The rudos put the boots to Gabriel. Slash dragged Gabriel by
the hair and taunted Luke. Gabriel surprised Slash with an inside
cradle, but the ref was busy getting Luke out of the ring. Slash
leveled Gabriel with a lariat. Azrael hit the (at this point unnamed)
Ted Bundy on Gabriel. That popped the crowd. Luke broke up the pin.
Slash drove Gabriel to the mat with a series of headbutts and danced
on his chest. Azrael used a running knee to the face. Azrael applied a
wacky submission, making him a stationary target for a dropkick by
Slash. Gabriel finally made his escape. Gabriel tried the huracanrana
and again, Azrael went to the wicked counter that turned the tide of
the match. But Gabriel blocked it and powerbombed Azrael. Both men on
the canvas. Gabriel grabbed the ropes to pull himself to the corner.
Hot tag. Luke cleaned house. Gabriel hit a DVD on Slash and Luke
followed with the Halo, but Bailey saved with a Gucci loafer to the
head. Slash hit the Whirlybird on Luke and Gabriel saved. Gabriel hit
Cradle to the Grave on Azrael (a hideously sick bump that appeared to
injure him legit), and Slash made the save. Slash and Azrael had
Gabriel set up for a combo finisher. Luke broke it up, crotching
Azrael on the top turnbuckle in the process. God Squad dispatched
Slash with a clothesline over the top/ Gabriel hit a top rope
huracanrana and Luke followed with Angelic Jam (hang time guillotine
legdrop) to score the pinfall.

Slash and Azrael attacked Luke & Gabriel in the postmatch. Gabriel was
duct-taped to the ropes. Slash was ready to slice Luke open with his
sword when Bailey said allow me. Bailey pulled out a stun gun and
repeatedly zapped Luke. Luke was flopping around like a fish out of
water. A contingent of babyfaces that included A. J. Styles came out
to make the save. Luke was frothing like a rabid dog, as he was hauled
to the back.

COMMENTS: This match marked the debut of God Squad and the first
official match in a program that built to one of the peak moments in
Wildside history. Stiff stuff. Azrael took some horrific bumps in this
match. The Sinister Minister tie in was quite the quirk of fate, given
his background with Bailey. It was great seeing Slash make an
appearance in Wildside. What a great gimmick. What great punches. I
have fond memories of Slash as Wolfie D and his insane matches with
Flash Flanagan (Slash Venom in IWA Puerto Rico) at the Nashville
Fairgrounds back in the day of Music City Wrestling. Sadly, Slash
decided to get out of the business.

7/16 NWA Arena Report

By Norko Kipte

NWA Anarchy held its bi-weekly show leading up to Hostile Environment,
and put on its strongest show to date. They've definitely made better
improvements since their first show and look to put on a tremendous
show on the 30th.

Crowd was about 90, and it was a vocal crowd throughout the show.
Looked like they were only shooting the show from the one steady cam,
the motion cameraman was missing.

The show began when the commish Tank came out to address the crowd. He
called out Iceberg and "chastised" him for his action at the previous
show. And told Iceberg to hold out his wrist and proceeded to slap it,
and then went on about how great it was what he did. It was then
announced that the Iceberg/Scottie Wrenn match would be a FANS BRING

1. The 3 Guys Who Totally Rule beat Ken Westbrooks, Skeeter Frost and
Cru Jones
---Good way to start the show. At one point Sal ran off to go to the
restroom and came back with some toilet paper hanging from the back of
his tights. 3 Guys get the win the the springboard destruction device.

2. Brent Silver beat Andrew Alexander
---Despite being the heel, more people seemed to have been cheering on
Silver, maybe it was Alexander's gear that turned the Cornelia fans
off on it. Not much here, Silver squashes him with the sitout powerbomb.

3. Mikal Adryan beat Randall Johnson and Heath Miller
---Adryan was put over as the monster here, but gave too much offense
to Johnson/Miller. Adryan wins with the assisted suicide

4. Lost Boys beat Slim J/Jay Fury
---Lost Boys win with the mindbender, but the story here is that Jay
Fury suffered a knee injury towards the end of the match, which would
be a factor later on in the night.

5. Alabama Attitude 'beat' The Urban Assault Squad in the debate
---The Urban Assault Squad went from being one of the most hated
teams, to one of the most beloved. They got one of the loudest
ovations, people were loving them. The debated started with sports,
then turned to entertainment, then turned to politics and history,
implying racial barriers by the Attitude. Moderator Al Getz declarated
AA the winners and it almost degenerated into a brawl, but per the
stipulations neither team laid a hand on each other. But, after AA
left the ring, the UAS got their hands on Getz and were about to
powerbomb him, but Tank stopped them and told them to put him on the
top rope and powerbomb him from there. And did. Great way to end the
first half.

6. Nick Halen beat Stryknyn
---Stryknyn showed a lot of improvement since I last saw him in one of
the old Friday Night shows. Halen is sporting a newer haircut and a
newer attitude. He wins, but runs when he was confronted by former tag
team partner Skeeter Frost.

7. Ray Gordy beat Todd Sexton
---The techinical match of the night. Gordy returned to the NWA arena
since Last Rites and didn't lose a step. Solid solid match between them.

8. Rainman beat Jeremy V
---Rainman is coming out to new entrance music, he's starting to show
a new fire as Anarchy's top guy. It was interesting to see a reversal
of roles for both men in their ongoing feud. V tried to make Rainman
tap out again with the Hillside Strangler but in the end Rainman gets
the win with the SPINNEEESPLITTAH!~

Afterwards Mikal Adryan ran out and attacked Rainman and bloodied him up.

9. Jeff Lewis beat Jay Fury to retain the Anarchy TV Title
---Fury's knee was obviously affecting him throughout the match. And
Lewis was out for blood. Ray Gordy came out and distracted Lewis, but
not enough, and Lewis wins.

Lewis and Gordy then got into it, then the rest of the lockerroom came
out and the brawl was on. Tank got on the mic and told the sound guy
to start the music. There seemed to have been an altercation on one
side of the arena, but I didn't have a good view of it. Eventually
Iceberg was perched on the top rope and someone placed Kool Seth Delay
on his shoulders and he dropped him. And the show ended.

Notes: The show clocked in a lot longer than regular shows at about 3
hours long. Sweet Dreams wasn't there due to injury. Billy Buck was
scheduled to face Halen, but was replaced. Onyx is scheduled to return
to the NWA Arena on August 6th. August 20th is the Mysterious
Benefactor Memorial Tag Team Tournament with 12 teams. The card for
Hostile Environment is now as follows.

Rainman defends the Anarchy Heavyweight title against Mikal Adryan in
a steel cage
Iceberg vs Scottie Wrenn in an Anarchy Rules match and Fans Bring the
3 Guys defend the tag titles against the Lost Boys
Jeff Lewis defends the TV title against Ray Gordy
Slim J vs Jeremy V
Urban Assault Squad vs Alabama Attitude
Skeeter Frost vs Nick Halen

The NWA Pro Wrestling Evolution website has been updated with 3 more
competitors in the "Southern Heritage Invitational" but thats not all...

Also, the 2nd edition of Pirate T.V. has now been uploaded and is
ready for your viewing pleasure.

Due to feedback from last time, it has been posted in streaming
format, as well as a link for download availiblity.

Featured in this weeks episode:

Nemesis vs. The Canadian Sheik

"One Man Mafia" Mikal Adryan vs. Scott Steel

A Tribute to Hashimoto is also featured.

For Immediate Release---
Pro Wrestling Evolution announced today the first 8 of 16 competitors
in the 1st
Annual Southern Heritage Invitational.

"Prime Time" Elix Skipper
Brad Armstrong
Altar Boy Luke
Murder One
"One Man Mafia" Mikal Adryan
"The Heavy Hitta" Nemesis
Kid Ego, Jr. ( #1 Seed via defeating Azrael, Murder One and Rainman)

All of the invitations have been sent out to fill the remaining 8 spots,
currently we are waiting on confirmations. The remaining names will be
as confirmations are received over the next 2 weeks.

The Southern Heritage Invitational will consist of 4, 4 Corner
matches, with the winners going on to singles matches. The final
matchup will be
for the Evolution Wrestling Championship, which was recently vacated
by "The
Strong Style Psycho" Tank, due to injury.

Pro Wrestling EVOLUTION presents:
"The Southern Heritage Invitational"
August 13th, 2005 - Canton, GA
The Canton National Guard Armory
Doors Open @ 7:30 - Show Starts @ 8
Tickets are $15

Georgia Championship Wrestling presents "Point of No Return"

GCW Hwt. Chmapionship/Return Match: Erik Watts vs. David Young (champion)

TV Championship/TV Time Limit Waived: The Disco Inferno (champion) vs.
Damien Steele

Match Must Be Won by Pin Fall of Submission

Special Challenge: Jason Cross vs. A.J. Steele

Tag Team Event: Sonny Siaki & Adam Jacobs vs. Tank & Rainman

Added  Attraction: "Loverboy" Lee Thomas vs. Jeff Lewis (with Miss

Bonus Match: John Bogie vs. Altar Boy Luke
Tickets $5-$12 - Call (706) 289-8670 or (800) 551-6715

FRED WARD MEMORIAL  - Sat., August 6!  Featuring Ole Anderson, Bob &
Brad Armstrong, The Superstar, Thunderbolt Patterson, The Oates
Brothers, & "Big" Bill Dromo

News from the Rocky Top
It is now less that one week till NWA Rocky Top's Night of Champions
show to be held on Saturday night July 23rd at the Knoxville Expo
Center in Knoxville, TN with a bell time of 8:00pm. Here is the
current lineup.

"Tennessee Legend" Jimmy Golden vs Dr. Tom Pritchard

"Rock and Roll Express" Ricky Morton & " The Wild Eyed Southern Boy"
Tracy Smothers
The Midnight Express ("Loverboy" Dennis Condrey & "Beautiful" Bobby
Eaton) w/Jimmy Gibson

Brad Thomas vs John Nobel

Eddie & Bobbie Golden vs The Turbanators

Also scheduled to appear are "White Lightning" Tim Horner, Thorn,
Shaun Schultz, Shane Williams, Krissy Vaine and a special appearance
by NWA Rocky Top commissioner and WWE hall of famer "The Boggie Woggie
Man" Jimmy Valiant!

Advance tickets for this show are $20.00 (Golden Circle Seating),
$15.00 & $10.00 and are now available by going to

This week on NWA Rocky Top TV Dr. Tom Pritchard came out on top in the
feature match over "White Lightning" Tim Horner. Pritchard got the pin
with a big assist from his cousin John Nobel who held down Horner's
legs so he could not kick out. The Texas twosome then doubled teamed
Horner and tried to injure him but Jimmy Golden and Tracy Smothers ran
in and saved the day. The Turbanators were also victorious and issued
a promise to take out the Goldens at the Night of champions. The
suspended Dennis Condrey sent in a tape bragging about what manager
Jimmy Gibson did to Tracy Smothers last week and was very confident
that the Midnight Express would become Rock Top tag team champions.
Next week Jimmy Golden and Tracy Smothers will be in tag team action
and who knows what else will happen on this final show before the
Night of champions. Watch NWA Rocky Top each and every Saturday
morning on WMAK 7 in Knoxville from 10:00-11:00 am.

Fans who purchase Golden Circle Seating for the Night Of Champions
Show will not only get first row seating for the show but will be let
in at 6:00pm for a meet and greet with the wrestlers who will be on
the show. In addition Golden Circle seat holders will also receive a
free NWA Rocky Top T-Shirt.


NWA Rocky Top TV now airs in the Tri-Cities area of East Tennessee
each and every Saturday morning at 11:00 am on UPN WAPK. We hope a lot
of fans from that great wrestling area make there way down to Ktown on
July 23rd.


Fans who live outside of the greater Knoxville/East Tennessee area can
now watch previously aired episodes of NWA Rocky Top on the internet
by going to Fans check it out and see for
yourself why NWA Rocky Top is the hottest promotion in the south.


NWA Rocky Top's next TV taping is scheduled for Sunday July 24th at
Rodgers GMC located in Knoxville on Clinton Hwy. Bell Time is 1:00 pm.


Rocky Top's first DVD containing the first eight TV shows will soon be
avialable so make your plans to purchase a copy!

NWA Rocky Top. Keeping the tradition alive and well in East Tennessee.

IWA Mid-South Wrestling, in association with NWA Midwest, returned to
MIDLOTHIAN, IL on Friday night, July 15th. Here's what went down...

1. RYAN BOZ def. "The Human Rulebook" CHANDLER McCLURE with a roll-up
in the opening contest. McClure was accompanied to the ring by his
trainer and tag team partner ERIC PRIEST.

2. EDDIE VENOM def. BRAD BRADLEY after loading his boot and hitting
Bradley with a Yakuza kick.

3. BRANDON THOMASELLI def. BJ WHITMER after hitting a 450 splash off
the top rope.

4. DANNY DANIELS def. MATT SYDAL following a package piledriver
(Matt's NWA Midwest X Division Title was not on the line).

ORLANDO COLON in a handicap tag team match. Vito came to the ring
first and announced his brother SAL THOMASELLI suffered a concussion
and wouldn't be able to participate in the scheduled tag match against
IAN ROTTEN and a mystery partner. Ian confronted Vito and told him he
still had to wrestle him. Kingston made his way to the ring along with
Orlando Colon, nephew of Carlos Colon. This brought Hero to the ring
to tell Ian that if he needed a partner, he was there for him. ARIK
CANNON also came to ringside and offered to be the third man on the
Rotten & Hero side, but Hero convinced Ian that Cannon couldn't be
trusted, and they wrestled the match handicap style. Hero hit the
Hero's Welcome on Vito during the closing moments while Colon was
incapacitated on the floor and Ian had Kingston tied up. Hero then
locked the Hangman's Clutch on Vito for the tap out victory. After the
match, Kingston and Hero had to be pulled apart by several wrestlers,
as they still have an issue stemming from their steel cage match on
7/8 in Muscatine, IA.

6. MAREK BRAVE & TYLER BLACK def. LOTUS & CRAZY J in a tag team
contest when Black pinned Crazy J with a small package driver.

7. TRIK DAVIS def. "The Underwear Model" ERIC PRIEST with a sunset
flip after maneuvering out of a military press. Post-match, Priest and
CHANDLER McCLURE attacked Davis, laying him out with a spike
piledriver on a steel chair. Davis had to be carried from ringside on
a stretcher.

8. "Anarchist" ARIK CANNON def. CJ OTIS after hitting the Glimmering
Warlock. Throughout the match, Cannon kept yelling "Hero" as he'd work
over Otis. After the match, CHRIS HERO came to the ring to help Otis
back to his feet, and exchanged words with Cannon on the mic.

9. JOSH ABERCROMBIE def. TYLER BLACK to retain the IWA Light
Heavyweight Title. CHAD COLLYER was unable to make it to the building
as scheduled due to transportation issues, and Black explained on the
mic that IAN ROTTEN told him that even though he's already had a
match, if he wanted the opportunity to go after the Light Heavyweight
Title in Collyer's spot, the title shot was his. At the conclusion of
the bout, the fans chanted for a rematch. Rotten obliged, and
announced a 2 out of 3 falls rematch between the two at the return
event in Midlothian on 8/19.

referee, to retain the IWA World Heavyweight Title. Late in the match,
Lynn was able to hit the cradle piledriver on Jacobs, and had him down
for a three count, but after the count of two, Daniels stopped
counting and attacked Lynn. Daniels clocked Lynn in the head with the
belt, and placed a lifeless Jacobs on top of Lynn for the three count.
Daniels said he's coming after Jacobs, and he's not about to let Lynn
win the belt before he does. An irate Lynn got on the mic and said
Daniels was just scared that Lynn would be more difficult to beat than
Jacobs to become champion.

NOTES: The event was filmed with a single ringside camera, for future
release by Smart Mark Video. This release, as well as the 7/8 and 7/9
shows from last week, will all have post-production commentary added
to the footage, featuring Dave Prazak, Allison Danger, Eddie Kingston,
Trik Davis, Chris Hero, Bryce Remsburg, and more... Unfortunately the
event was plagued with transportation issues in several instances,
which caused Delirious, B-Boy, Chad Collyer, Mark Wolf, and KUDO to
miss the show. Collyer was added to the show at the last minute to
fill B-Boy's spot in the Light Heavyweight Title match with
Abercrombie by virtue of his victory over Delirious on 7/9 in Hammond,
but Collyer ran into car trouble as well. Fans who are looking forward
to seeing KUDO (of the DDT promotion in Japan) compete in IWA-MS while
he's in the U.S. you will get a chance to see him in IWA-MS rings
shortly. KUDO will be in the country until October... Ian announced a
match between Jerry Lynn and Tyler Black for the 9/3 Philadelphia, PA

IWA-MS returns to action on 7/29 at the Civic Center in Herrin, IL,
and 7/30 at the Armory in Plymouth, IN. We're back in Hammond, IN at
the Armory on 8/6. The return date for the Park District Rec Center in
Midlothian is 8/19.

Call the IWA-MS hotlines at 502-569-1701 in Louisville, and
630-585-3958 in Chicago.


Come out and meet the TNA Superstars and the NWA WORLD TAG TEAM
CHAMPIONS Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens AKA The Naturals along with
Intense TV's Charming Charles, Mike Iles and 'The Slyone" Christopher
Fox on Thursday, July 21st from 6:30-7:30pm at Aspen Athletics, the
official fitness center of NWA Universal located at 61st and Memorial
in Eton Square! Don't miss your chance to get a photo and autograph of
the World Tag Team Champions! For more information call Aspen
Athletics at 918/294-0999.

From the desk of NWA Universal President Christopher Fox:

The countdown begins for the biggest weekend in NWA Universal history
since the first NWA Resurrection show in 2004. Not only will one man
walk away with the first annual Candido Cup trophy, and one man will
walk away with the NWA/TNA World X Title Championship, one lucky fan
will walk away with a replica Candido Cup Championship Belt! Yes, we
will raffle off the replica belt on the night of July 22 in Tahlequah,
OK and the only chance to walk away with the belt is to be on hand in
person to witness history! Tickets are going fast!

Saturday, July 23rd we return to our new home in Muskogee at the Civic
Center for another big night of action with 6 huge matches! And Sunday
afternoon we debut at Bell's Amusement Park for our 2nd great TV
taping which is free with park admission, only $3!

We have some big names slated for the next couple of months, so stay
tuned to INTENSE TV and the great NWA-U website for more details! I
say thank you to the 50,000 plus combined viewers in the last 2 weeks
combined, real TV, real ratings! Gotta love it! Thank you to all of
the great supporters and we will continue to strive on bringing you
the best in pro wrestling!

WRESTLING ON TV TODAY! Every Friday night on WB19 from 12:30-1:00am,
or Saturday mornings available via WWW.WRESTLINGNETWORK.NET!

Thanks Again,
Christopher Fox
NWA Universal/SlyFox Entertainment

From the desk of the commish...
by NWA Universal Commissioner Mike Iles

Well, I hope everyone had a happy and safe Independence Day.  The
month of July is going to be huge for NWA-U.

First off, our website ( is up and running like a
champ.  We recently changed website designers and now EyeDentify
Designs is running things.  Our webmaster Jeremy does a bang up job
getting info posted as soon as possible.  We will be adding pictures
of all your favorite NWA-U stars very soon.  Of course we will also
have pictures of your not so favorite stars too.  Our Message Board is
also up and running as well.  If you signed up in the past, you may
need to sign up again, but we do hope that you sign up.  Also, you can
sign up for NWA-U Superfans to be able to receive any and all Press
Releases and Newsletters.

Our TV show debuted and from all initial responses it was a hit.  I
had seen the show in its pre-production stages at MVP studios, yet I
also tuned into Tulsa's WB 19.  It looked really good.  There are a
few things that we are going to tweak, but it is going to be the same
hard hitting action you have come to expect from NWA-U every single
week.  That first show featured John O'Malley successfully defending
the NWA Oklahoma Heavyweight Title against Skrappy Kanine, followed by
former NWA World Women's Champion Char Starr defeating Heather Divine
in a hard fought match.  The third match was a match of long time
rivals, Brandon Groom vs. Splash Jackson.  Brandon defeated Splash
following his signature Airplane DVD.  Brandon had Summer Rain in his
corner while Splash had Manservant in his corner.  Words cannot
describe Manservant and his antics, so go over to and see for yourself.

One thing struck me as odd though.  John O'Malley received a
mysterious note from someone.  I didn't even know that had happened
until I saw it on the show.  It strikes me as odd because either
someone outside the organization is gaining access to the locker room
area, or someone within the ranks on NWA-U wants to mess with Big
John.  I guess I need to get in touch with him and see what we come up

Well, we are just a few weeks away from the Chris Candido Cup event.
Eight wrestlers are going to be competing for the honor of being the
first ever winner.  The eight participants are illustrious as well.
The NWA World Tag Team Champions The Naturals, Chase Stevens & Andy
Douglas have entered the tournament.  The Naturals you might remember
won the NWA World Tag Team Titles while Candido was their advisor and
he did assist them in their title win.  The other participants include
former NWA Oklahoma Heavyweight Champion Brandon Groom, the current #1
contender to the NWA Oklahoma Heavyweight Title Scotty Charisma, the
NWA Universal X Champion "Sweet Dreams" Gary Gram, the young sensation
Shadow, Tyler Bateman, who has won titles all over the state, and "The
Broken Arrow Bad Boy" Justin Lee, who not only has won numerous titles
around the state, I was also told that he won the 2002 Southern States
Super 8 Tournament.  That is a lot of talent there folks.  Plus,
"Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels will be defending the NWA-TNA World
X Division Championship at the event as well.  It will be the first
time that the NWA-TNA World X Division Title will be defended on
Oklahoma soil.  I saw Christopher Daniels live in Philadelphia last
summer at a 3PW event in a Fatal Four Way Match with A.J. Styles,
Chris Sabin, and Joey Matthews (now known as Joey Mercury on WWE
Smackdown).  Daniels took the 3PW Heavyweight Title in the match.  If
you have never seen Daniels in person, trust me, he does not
disappoint.  Make sure you get to Tahlequah on July 22nd.  The entire
Tahlequah show will be taped and sold on DVD and VHS.

We had over 500 in attendance in Muskogee on June 24th and the crowd
was on fire!  We come back to the Muskogee Civic Center on Saturday
July 23rd.  The main event is going to be NWA Oklahoma Heavyweight
Champion John O'Malley teaming up with Scotty Charisma to take on The
New Texas Outlaws (Bernard Funk & Renegade).  The Outlaws will
probably have the veteran Bonecrusher Bobby Burns in their corner
waving the Texas flag like crazy.  It should be a really good match.
Plus "Sweet Dreams" Gary Gram will be defending the Universal X Title
and American Anarchy will team up with Muskogee's own Brandon Groom to
face Slam Shady and "Mr. Saturday Night" Michael Barry.  Groom and
Barry have a rivalry that goes back to the days when NWA-U was known
as NWA Oklahoma and was in its infancy.  They have battled many times
with Barry having the slight edge right now.  In fact Michael Barry
defeated Brandon Groom to win the 1st ever NWA Oklahoma Heavyweight
Title on April 23, 2004 and then defeated him the next night in a
rematch.  Brandon came back to win the title on May 8, 2004 in Bristow
before losing the title back to Michael on September 25, 2004 in
Broken Arrow in a No DQ Match in which my predecessor as commissioner,
Payton Scott, interfered on Michael's behalf to solidify the victory.
So like I said it is a storied rivalry.  Plus, with Summer Rain in
Anarchy & Groom's corner and Sassy Merlot in Shady & Barry's corner,
just about anything is possible.

Finally the last day of that huge weekend, we will be at our summer
home for TV tapings, Bell's Amusement Park.  That's right on Sunday
July 24th starting at 2:00 we will be taping "NWA Intense TV" at
Bell's.  Admission to our show will be free with a paid park
admission.  Park admission is only $3.

Don't forget our TV show "NWA Intense TV" airs late night Friday night
from 12:30-1:00am on Tulsa's WB 19 (Cox Cable channel 12).  If you are
outside the Tulsa viewing area, we haven't forgotten about you though.
You can see "NWA Intense TV" by go to The Wrestling Network website
at and downloading our show.  This week's
episode features the NWA Universal X Champion "Sweet Dreams" Gary Gram
defending his title.  Plus, you can also see the NWA Universal
television debut of Spoiler 2000.

I also found out yesterday our first show's ratings and market share.
Our premiere episode garnered a 3.9 market share which is the
equivalent of 19,000 to 20,000 households.  We also received a .8
rating for the timeslot.  We want to extend our most sincere thanks to
those of you that watched that first show.  It's because of you that
the show was such a success!

Until next time...See you at ringside!!!

NWA Universal Rankings
For Period Ending July 7, 2005
NWA Oklahoma Heavyweight Champion: John O'Malley
1. Scotty Charisma
2. Michael Barry
3. Gary Gram (Universal X Champion)
4. Brandon Groom
5. Spoiler 2000
6. Tim Warcloud
7. Renegade
8. Big Daddy Dominator
9. Chris Matthews
10. Shadow

Oklahoma Tag Team Champions: Titles Vacant
1. Tribal Force (Tim Warcloud & Tejas)
2. John O'Malley & Scotty Charisma
3. Slyck Wagner Brown & April Hunter
4. The New Texas Outlaws (Bernard Funk & Renegade)
5. Brandon Groom & American Anarchy

Aug 6th. 8pm. Belltime
The Salvation Army - 1337 Shelby Street, Indianapolis, Indiana
The Card:
The debut of Team Canada's Eric Young, Angel vs. Ray "The Bear Steele,
Indianapolis Tornado Match (All 4 Men In The Ring At The Same Time)
The Soulshooters vs. Former OVW Tag Team Champs "The Naughty Bodies"
(Sean Casey & Chris Michaels w/ Samantha),
We Will Find Out Who Is The #1 Contender to The NWA Midwest X Division
Title: Is It "Spyder" Nate Webb or Chad "Too Badd" Allegra?,
The Main Event: (2 Refs And No D.Q.) TNA Superstars "Wildcat" Chris
Harris vs. "The Monster" Abyss
Plus: The Bombsquad, Humongus,Tiny Tim, Quicksilver, and many other
NWA-INDY Superstars.
Call The NWA-INDY Hotline:317-789-0367 or check out the website @ 

Summer Scorcher 3 - July 9, 2005
Sportatorium - McKeesport, PA

- Quinn Magnum defeated Kid Cupid by pinfall in under 30 seconds.  
- Nikita Allanov & Bigg defeated Dash Bennett & Sean Dahmer by pinfall
- NWA-PWX Tag Team Champions Da Munchies defeated Dan Miles & Jason
Cage and the Tri Chi Fraternity by pinfall in a  -  - Triple Threat
Match to retain the titles.  
- Three Rivers Champion Chris Taylor defeated Justin Idol by
disqualification to retain the title
- Scottie Gash defeated Devin Devine by submission to win the NWA-PWX
Heavyweight Championship
- Eric Extasy won the Summer Scorcher Fans Bring the Weapons Rumble

    The Sportatorium was jam packed once again on July 9th for the
third annual Summer Scorcher event.  As is becoming the norm at big
PWX events, more chairs had to be put out to accommodate the fans as
they poured into the arena on a beautiful summer night. 
    The show started off with Devin Devine saying how the match
between he and Scottie Gash tonight was going to be a no-DQ
streetfight, because he didn't want Gash to have any excuses when he
lost.  Gash came out to the ring talking about his big match with NWA
PWX Heavyweight Champion Devin Devine later that night.  Gash said
that he knows Devine is afraid of him, because in the last match,
there had to be a blackout in the city, help from Chris Taylor, and an
illegal object, just to get a pin.  Gash said that tonight after the
match, he would be introduced as the new NWA-PWX Heavyweight Champion.
    The first match of the night was the big showdown between Quinn
Magnum and Kid Cupid.  The stipulation for this was that anything goes
in the match, but if Magnum didn't beat Cupid in 30 seconds, then he
was permanently suspended by Championship Committee member Scott
Venom.  Cupid was in the ring with a street sign, and Magnum was ready
for him.  DUH's Sean Dahmer stood on the ring apron and tried to get
Magnum's attention, and when he finally turned to him, Cupid charged
at Magnum with the streetsign.  Magnum ducked and Cupid plastered the
top rope, and the sign ricocheted back into Cupid, which sent him to
the mat.  Magnum dropped an elbow and got the pinfall in 12 seconds.
Venom then hit ringside and said that he knew Cupid couldn't get the
job done, and that he should just suspend Magnum for the night.
Magnum was daring Venom to get in the ring, when Dahmer and Dash
Bennett attacked, sending him down to the mat.   Bigg and Nikita
Allanov made the save, and DUH bailed out.  Allanov got the mic and
challenged Bennett and Dahmer to a fight, and Cupid accepted.  Bigg
and Allanov hammered the duo for a few minutes before Bigg nailed
Dahmer with a  nasty pumphandle slam, and Allanov delivered a German
Suplex to Bennett.  After a frong splash by Bigg the match was over,
and DUH went down hard in the first two matches of the night. 
    The tag team title match was next, and Dick Trimmins & Abdul
Hassan came to ringside as confident as ever.  Trimmins got the mic
and ran down the crowd, and the competition.  Trimmins said that the
Section 8 Mafia might have had a nice debut, but they were scared to
show up for a match with the champs.  Trimmins said last time they
beat the greenest wrestler they had ever seen, and his partner Dan
Miles.  Then Trimmins said the Tri Chi's like to come out and throw
their weight around, but they do a better job throwing the Tri Chi's
weight around.  Miles & Cage hit the ring and took down both Munchies
with a pair of missile drop kicks, but soon the bigger Munchies were
on top, which brought out the Tri Chi's, and a wild brawl ensued.  The
match broke down into a regular tag team match, with Da Munchies
getting worked over by four men.  The Tri Chi's are hungry for the
belts, and Miles & Cage once again looked strong.  Da Munchies looked
to be in serious trouble here, but dissention between the Tri Chi's &
Miles & Cage broke down their teamwork, and Da Munchies managed to
pull of the win after hitting Miles with a nasty Doomsday Device, and
getting the pin. 
    The Three Rivers Title match was next, with Chris Taylor facing
off with his challenger Justin Idol.  This was an excellent back and
forth match.  Both of these men know each other so well that the match
flowed beautifully, with both men just hammering the other with kicks,
forearms, and their entire bodies.  Taylor went for his stinger splash
in the corner, but instead of hitting Idol, he hit referee Harold
Potter.  Potter was down but Idol hits a nasty snapmare like move on
Taylor, but there was no one to make the count.  Then Sterling James
Keenan hit ringside with a steel chair, and tossed it at Idol, who
caught it in midair.  Idol dared SJK to get in the ring, but he
refused, and just stalked around ringside.  Potter staggered up and
saw Idol with the chair, and called for the bell.  After the ball,
Keenan got the mic and said that the fans might not be happy to see
him, but he was sure Idol wasn't happy to see him, and he was going
top do whatever it takes to take out Idol, and he didn't care where he
did it at - even if it was in PWX.
    BC Steele got the mic next, and then  said that he had an
important message to deliver to Nikita Allanov.  Steele warned Allanov
not to get in the ring, or he might be forced to hurt him.  Allanov
just got in the ring, snatched away the mic and said that he had a
message for Steele to deliver to Devil Bhudakahn for costing him the
Three Rivers Title.  Steele asked what, and Allanov leveled him with a
Sickle, and then choked him out in the middle of the ring. 
    The Heavyweight Title match was next, with Scottie Gash facing off
with Devin Devine.  This match picked up the intensity form their last
match, and raised it to another level.  One of the problems of
Devine's title reign has been that he has been such a rock solid
champion that the fans often didn't believe he could be beaten, but
they were completely behind Gash, and the crowd wanted to see Devine
go down.  Devine went after Gash's neck, which suffered a stinger
after their first match when Devine and Taylor gave Gash a spike
piledriver.  Gash was obviously in a lot of pain, but he battled back,
and was looking to set Devine up for his Spotlight Drop.  The tide
turned when Devine missed a big clothesline, but turned and was met
with a superkick right to the face.  Blood began spewing out of
Devine's nose, and he was obviously hurt.  Gash hit the Spotlight
Drop, but Devine managed to kick out. Devine, sensing he was in
trouble, cold cocked referee Harold Potter.  Gash took Devine down
with a suplex, but there was no ref to count the pinfall.  Scott Venom
hit ringside and said that he was assigning a second referee to the
match, and Crusher Hansen hit the ring, and counted to two before
clocking Gash as he made the cover.  Justin Idol hits the ring and
brawled to the lockerroom with Hansen.  Devine nailed Gash with his
Memphis Neckbreaker, and nearly pulled out a very slow three count
from Potter before Gash kicked out.  The crowd was going nuts, and
Chris Taylor hit the ring and climbed to the top rope as Devine
attempted to piledrive Gash.  Eric Extasy pulled Taylor down however,
and Gash hit a backdrop on Devine.  Devine attempted to hit Gash again
with the neckbreaker, but Gash reversed it and took Devine down to the
mat with an armbar, which he turned into a crossface submission.
Devine tried desperately to get to the ropes, but when he was about an
inch away, Gash pulled back on the hold, wrenching in on Devine's
possibly broken nose, and Devine tapped out.  The crowd exploded after
the match, and Extasy and Idol hit the ring to celebrate with their
fellow Super Duper Cool Dude.  Gash got the mic after the match and
said that it meant a lotto win this title, especially since the other
promoter in town said he would never be more than a midcarder.  Then
Gash posed, and announced himself as the new PWX Heavyweight Champion,
to thunderous applause from the fans. 
    The Fan's Bring the Weapon's Rumble was next, and it was a brutal,
brutal affair.  There were a ton of ridiculous weapons brought by the
fans, including a satellite dish, cheese graters, water cooler juggs,
marital aides, and the staples such as street signs, chairs, pans, and
ballbats.  A new man came out every minute, or when another man was
eliminated.  Eliminations occur by pinfall, submission, or by being
thrown out of the ring over the top rope.  There were twenty scheduled
participants, but when Devil Bhudakahn didn't show up, his manager, BC
Steele, who signed the match contract, was forced to take his place.
Crusher Hansen was a wildman, and was bashing anyone he could get his
hands on.  Da Munchies were picking people apart, and Quinn Magnum was
going after DUH and Venom with viciousness.  After the field was cut
roughly in half, Devine, who was still woozy from the broken nose in
the previous match, was sent out by Justin Idol.   Idol then is tossed
a lightsabre by Eric Extasy, and the two begin a  lightsaber battle,
but Sterling James Keenan is out from the front door and over the
barrier and into the ring. Keenan nails Idol and throws him over the
top rope for the elimination, and the two then fight out the front
door. We now have the final
six men: Trimmins, Taylor, Hansen, Magnum, Allanov, and Extasy, and
the man quickly pair off and start to brawl.  Taylor lowblows Extasy
and then nails Allanov with a sign as he works over Trimmins.
Trimmins grabs Allanov from behind and Taylor goes to hit him again,
but Allanov ducks and Taylor hits Trimmins and Allanov dumps him over
the top rope for the elimination. Trimmins is arguing outside as
Taylor turns around and tries to hit Allanov again, but he ducks it
again and Taylor is nailed by Extasy. Trimmins runs over and pulls out
Extasy and slams him into the ringpost twice. Crusher works over
Magnum in the ring, but Allanov goes after Hansen.  Then nails Allanov
from behind, and when he goes for a lariat, Allanov ducks and nails
Crusher with a Sickle.  Allanov then dumps Crusher over the top rope,
but Crusher lands and stays on the outside ring apron. Allanov
attempts to push Crusher the rest of the way off, but is pulled over
the top rope by Trimmins on the outside.  Extasy pulls himself back
into the ring, and Magnum goes after Taylor, hitting the 357 Magnum on
Taylor.  Magnum grabbed a stop sign and climbed to the top turnbuckle,
but Hansen pushes him off the top, eliminating Magnum.  A thrilled
Hansen wants to celebrate with BC Steele, who is laid out and nowhere
to be found, but Extasy nails him from behind and dumps Hansen,
leaving just him and Taylor. 
    Extasy is nailed from behind by Taylor slides out and goes under
the ring to grab some plunder. Taylor is back in ring with a strand of
barbedwire.  Taylor works over Extasy and sets him up for a
Diamondcutter on the barbedwire, but Extasy pulls up short, and then
nails him with the STD on the barbwire, to get the pinfall, and
eliminate Taylor.  then goes for his diamond cutter finisher, but Eric
pushes Chris into the ropes and into his finisher onto the barbed wire
for the 1,2,3 and the win, and earning the "Golden Ticket" - a
contract for a shot at each NWA-PWX Championship.
    After the match Extasy demands an episode of "Club Extasy", and
invites Magnum to be his guest. Extasy then said that Magnum was his
choice top be on the Championship Committee, which brought out Scott
Venom.  Magnum accepted Extasy's offer, and then said that Venom was
no longer going to be able to suspend him, and that it was official
"I'm Back".  Magnum then said that since Venom like to play games with
the rules he wanted  everyone to know one thing: the only rule was
that there are no rules.
    NWA Pro Wrestling Express return to action at the Sportatorium on
Saturday July 23rd at 7:30 pm.   Tickets are only $10 for VIP seating,
$9 for general admission, and kids under 12 years are only $6.  NWA
Pro Wrestling Express will also be in action on Wednesday night July
20th at the Farrell Homecoming Carnival with a special 9:00pm
belltime.  General Admission is free to anyone attending the carnival!
  For more information, check out the NWA-PWX website at .

    Check out the NWA Pro Wrestling Express Website at, and come find out what everyone is talking about  -
that REAL wrestling action in Pittsburgh is spelled P-W-X!!!

    NWA Pro Wrestling Express makes its debut in Farrell, PA at the
Homecoming Carnival with a special 8:00pm event this Wednesday night July
20th.   General Admission is FREE to anyone attending the carnival!
Farrell, PA 16121
    Hammer & Blitzz of the Tri Chi Fraternity train in Farrell, and
are two hometown favorites.  The Tri Chi's are perennial top
contenders to the NWA-PWX Tag Team Titles, and they have demanded a
shot at the titles on their home turf.  The "King of Men" Devin Devine
and Three Rivers Champion Chris Taylor have said however that to get a
shot at the Tag Team Championship again, the Tri Chi's are going to
have to go thru them.
    Also scheduled to appear are "Aerial Icon" Justin Idol, "Soviet
Nikita Allanov, members of DUH, "Hot Property" Jason Cage, and more!


    On Saturday July 23, 2005., NWA Pro Wrestling Express returns to
action with another hard hitting event at the Sportatorium in
McKeesport, PA.
Tickets are only $10 for VIP seating, $9 for general admission, and
kids under 12 years are only $6.
    At Summer Scorcher on July 9th, Quinn Magnum was named to the
NWA-PWX Championship Committee, and he quickly made a promise: "The
only rule, is that there are no rules".  With long time friend and tag
team partner Mad Mike also a member of the Championship Committee,
Scott Venom is feeling the heat as the committee's "odd man out".
What kind of chaos will ensue on July 23rd?

    Matches already signed include...

"Mr. 21st Century" CHRIS TAYLOR defends the title against "Sexual
    Eric Extasy came up huge in the Summer Scorcher Rumble, and has
earned a contract for a shot at each NWA-PWX Championship.
Championship Committee member Scott Venom has demanded that Extasy use
a title shot on July 23rd, and Extasy quickly demanded a shot at
Taylor's Three Rivers title.  Although champion, Taylor has been
itching to get his hands on Extasy after he was pinned by him in the
middle of the ring in the Summer Scorcher Rumble.  This match is sure
to be explosive!

DAN MILES & JASON CAGE take on members of DUH
    It is a very poorly kept secret - the members of DUH are not all
on the same page.  On July 9th each member of DUH was humiliated in
the middle of the ring, and the finger pointing has begun.  Will they
be able to put their heads together long enough to wrestle the team of
Cage & Miles, who have looked impressive together as a tag team, and
want nothing more than to defeat DUH and move up the ladder in tag
team competition in PWX?

    Plus, check out more of your NWA Pro Wrestling Express favorites:
NWA-PWX Heavyweight Champion "Spotlight" SCOTTIE GASH, NWA-PWX Tag
Team Champions DA MUNCHIES, "Soviet Shooter" NIKITA ALLANOV, the TRI
"Best Wrestler...EVER" SABOTAGE, Brass Knuckles Champion SCOTT VENOM,
DUH, and more!!!

        The Sportatorium is located at 3104 Walnut St, in McKeesport,
PA, just minutes from the Lincoln-Penn Parkway, the Pennsylvania
Turnpike, and I-70 in the eastern suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA! Just
blocks from the intersection of PA SR 48 and PA SR 148, Renzie Park,
and Olympia Shopping Center, the Sportatorium is the place to be for
wrestling action in the Pittsburgh area.


Summer Scorcher 3 Results - July 9, 2005 Sportatorium - McKeesport, PA
- Quinn Magnum defeated Kid Cupid by pinfall in under 30 seconds.
- Nikita Allanov & Bigg defeated Dash Bennett & Sean Dahmer by pinfall
- NWA-PWX Tag Team Champions Da Munchies defeated Dan Miles & Jason
Cage and the Tri Chi Fraternity by pinfall in a Triple Threat Match to
retain the titles.
- Three Rivers Champion Chris Taylor defeated Justin Idol by
disqualification to retain the title
- Scottie Gash defeated Devin Devine by submission to win the NWA-PWX
Heavyweight Championship
- Eric Extasy won the Summer Scorcher Fans Bring the Weapons Rumble


    NWA Pro Wrestling Express released the first of the new monthly
DVD releases on Saturday June 25th, and the second DVD will go one
sale on Saturday July 23rd.  The first release, "March Madness",
features matches from the March 19th show, as well as a ton of extras
including exclusive promos and interviews, instant replay, and a
special bonus match from the NWA-PWX vault: the infamous "987 versus
Rage" weapons match!
    The second DVD features highlights and matches from this spring,
as well as exclusive promos and interviews, instant replay, and
another special classic PWX match: Brandon K versus Super Hentai from
the 6th Anniversary Show with the PWX Junior Heavyweight Title on the
line.  Both volumes are reasonably priced at $15 and are worth every


     Do you like to write about wrestling? Do you follow Pro Wrestling
Express and/or the National Wrestling Alliance, and have an opinion or
voice you would like to share? If that is the case, then NWA-PWX is
interested in reading what you have to say! PWXONLINE is always
looking for fresh new material for the readers of our website, and
your column or opinion might be exactly what we are looking for. We
are interested in all kinds of writing, from opinion pieces, match
analysis, historical retrospectives, and more!
    The first guest column "The Good, Bad & the Ugly of the NWA" by
John Price has been posted on our website, and has been very well
received by readers!  If you are interested in writing or
contributing, please contact the webmaster at [email protected] .


    The Pittsburgh Wrestling Academy is the place where a career in
professional wrestling can begin!  Officially sanctioned and operated
by NWA Pro Wrestling Express, the Pittsburgh Wrestling Academy has
trained athletes who have appeared on cards for the WWE, NWA-TNA, WCW,
ECW, and the independent circuit, including Europe and Asia!  In fact,
many of the athletes on the NWA East roster and on the Pittsburgh
wrestling scene got their start in the Pittsburgh Wrestling Academy's
dojo!  The Pittsburgh Wrestling Academy is where your dream of being a
professional wrestler, manager or referee can begin!  For more info on
tryouts, contact the academy at [email protected]

Jim Cornette, Bobby Heenan Added To Fanfest Lineup!
It is with great pleasure that I announce two of the greatest minds
(and mouths) in all of wrestling, Jim Cornette and Bobby "The Brain"
Heenan, will be making their way to next month's NWA Wrestling Legends Fanfest in Charlotte, NC!

Cornette returns with a late-night "Louisville Slugger" Q&A session on
Friday night, August 19 that is sure to stir controversy in the
wrestling business. Cornette's last fanfest Q&A appearance last
January drew rave reviews and was highlighted by a shouting match and confrontation with members of the rap group Insane Clown Posse.

Cornette will also be available on Saturday, with Dennis Condrey and
Bobby Eaton, signing autographs, taking pictures with fans, and will
see action in the ring on Saturday evening as part of the live
wrestling card.

This brings to four the number of fanfest VIP "Question and Answer"
sessions. In addition, Bret Hart, Terry Funk, and James J. Dillon will
also take their turns answering your questions.

What can I say about Bobby Heenan that hasn't already been said? A
real icon in the wrestling industry, "The Brain" will be our celebrity
emcee for Sunday's fanfest and will also sign autographs and take
pictures with fans.

Make your plans now to be with us for a truly incredible weekend
celebrating wrestling's history.

The NWA Wrestling Legends Fanfest takes place Friday through Sunday,
August 19-21, at the beautiful Hilton University Place Hotel in
Charlotte, NC. Three huge days with more than 40 of wrestling's
greatest heroes and villains make this a once-in-a-lifetime
opportunity for any wrestling fan of any age!

But the best part is it's all yours for just 99 bucks! That's right,
exclusive VIP admission gets you into EVERYTHING for the entire
weekend for a mere $99.

Get your tickets now!

Advance tickets are on sale now at !

Please make plans now to be with us for 3 HUGE DAYS celebrating NWA tradition!

NWA Wrestling Legends Fanfest
Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 19-21, 2005
Hilton University Place Hotel; Charlotte, NC

The Hilton University Place is the host hotel for the NWA Wrestling
Legends Fanfest. The hotel is offering a special room rate of $78 per
night for fanfest attendees. More hotel info available at
The discounted rate is available Wednesday night, August 17 through
Tuesday night, August 23 -- a full 7 days -- so if you want to come
early or stay late, you may still book at the special rate. This will
make a great summer vacation!

Remember, Charlotte is the heart of stock car country (the hotel is
just a couple miles down the road from Lowe's Motor Spee


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