• 07/27/2012 (2:38:48 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Billy Robinson’s New Book …

Physical Chess:

by Robert Weir

If you are a true fan of professional wrestling history - your education cannot be complete without a good primer on European wrestling. In Physical Chess, legendary British Catch-As-Catch-Can/professional wrestler Billy Robinson and Jake Shannon will treat you to the most concise history of 20th century European wrestling that has ever crossed this reviewer's desk.

Any fan of so-called Strong Style wrestling has heard the terms "Wigan," or "Wigan Snake Pit" briefly mentioned in several different books and shoot interviews. Physical Chess will go way below the surface. You will be introduced to all of the important Wigan wresters, and, more importantly, the legendary "workouts" that took place in the famed gym. This book is full of Robinson's reminisces about growing up in the Wigan gym.

 Later in the book the authors cover Billy's extensive world wrestling tours. Tales from tours of France, Germany, Belgium, Australia, Lebanon, India, Hawaii, the U.S. mainland, and especially Japan are given extensive coverage.

 In Japan, Robinson gives his view as to what set off, and, who won, the legendary street fight between Peter Maivia and himself. Also covered are his stints in the old IWE, All-Japan and New-Japan Promotions. Find out what Robinson really thinks about Antonio Inoki (Spoiler alert: it's not what you would think it would be).

You will also be given Robinson's personal insights on shoot fighting in Japan, the training of Kazushi Sakuraba and Robinson's surprising relationship with the great Karl Gotch.

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