• 07/29/2012 (2:21:41 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Shooters The Toughest Men In Professional Wrestling

by Robert Weir

In his new book, Shooters The Toughest Men In Professional Wrestling, author Jonathan Snowden has crystallized in one volume the history of "Strong Style" wrestling. From Frank Gotch to Karl Gotch. From the United States to Japan and all points in between, It Really is all in there!

This is simply the most comprehensive one volume coverage of strong style wrestling on the market. If you are a fan of today's strong style wrestling you will really appreciate looking back at the roots of this genre.

There are extensive profiles of William Muldoon; John L. Sullivan; Evan "Strangler" Lewis; Farmer Burns; Frank Gotch; Tom Jenkins; George Hackenschmidt; Mitsuo Maeda; Ad Santel; Joe Stecher; Ed "Strangler" Lewis; Gus Sonnenberg; Lou Thesz; Danny Hodge; Masahiko Kimura; Karl Gotch; The Gracie Family; Kazushi Sakuraba; The Shamrock family and most everyone of any importance in the UFC; PRIDE and the UWF (Japan) offshoots.

 As a bonus, Snowden gives a most comprehensive definition of what a "Policeman" is in the professional wrestling ranks. Names and events of "Police" work, including how a "Policeman" broke Hulk Hogan's leg are included in this book. For my money, Snowden also presents the most comprehensive look at the fiasco that was the "shoot" between Muhammed Ali and Antonio Inoki to date. Special attention should be paid to the selected bibliography of this book, as it clocks in at a historian's delight of 17 pages.

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