• 01/05/2013 (12:56:31 am)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Superstar Billy Graham was released from the Mayo Clinic today in Phoenix after a two day stint of extensive testing on his cardiac system. "First they thought it was congestive heart failure", his agent of 39 years, Scott Epstein commented. That would have in the long run been better for Graham as it can easily be treated and reversed by medications. However, this has been ruled out and the diagnosis is actually an "irregular heartbeat" which can also be treated by meds but doctors additionally found a nodule on his lung".

Graham will immediately be placed under the suprevision of a cardiologist . "Please keep Billy in your prayers because this issue can cause massive bleeding due to his cirrhosis of the liver", Epstein worriedly said. "I know Billy is strong and a SURVIVOR so I do expect to have him still for the very last outing for the fans during WRESTLEMANIA WEEKEND, GOD WILLING! "



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