• 06/03/2012 (1:23:13 am)
  • Bob Mulrenin

I attended the Bret Hart signing this past Saturday at Frank & Son's. The signing was being promoted by Gemini Sportscards. They were charging $30 for a small autograph and $40 for a large autograph. However, the only way you could get a photo-op with Bret was to purchase at least 4 or 5 autographs (totaling between $150 and $200). This enabled you to get into the VIP line and meet Bret first. Otherwise, you could only take photos of him signing your items.
Since this was my 5th time meeting Bret, I decided to pass on getting VIP tickets and instead purchased only one autograph ticket. After the VIP line was completed, we were called-up in groups of 50 according to the number on our autograph ticket. I'm so glad I pre-purchased my tickets ahead of time because I was #10 in line.
As always, Bret was a class act and seemed very happy to be there. He signed my 1998 WCW/NWO caricature pennant. I told him that wrestling has not been the same without him and he responded "Thank you for noticing." Attached are some photos I took both while waiting in line and after he signed my pennant.
Overall, there was a pretty huge turn-out for Bret. There must have been at least 300 people or more. In fact, when I was leaving the signing area, the line to purchase autograph tickets was still pretty long. I was very satisfied with this signing and am looking forward to the next wrestling signing at Frank & Son's on June 23rd. Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and other NWO members are scheduled to be there.
-Alan (Northridge, CA)

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