• 06/22/2005 (12:09:05 am)
  • Georgiann Makropoulos

Save to your Favorite place, ticket give aways, Bruno Sammartino and more…..

I know many of you come to the site everyday to check out the Autograph Session Page.  Here is the link, place in your favorite place, so you don't have to search for it everyday.

I am offering many FREE TICKET GIVEAWAYS and don't want anyone to miss out.  Here is the list, just trying to make it easier for you.

1 VIP pass to Fan Fest Aug 19 - 21                                          NWA Wrestling Legends  Charlotte, NC

5 pairs of tickets for NWA Cyberspace
June 25th Wayne, NJ
Q & A with Jeff Jarrett
1 pair of tickets for PCW  Oak Lawn, IL
June 25th  Auto. signing with Matt Hardy
2 pairs of tickets for IWC  Monroeville, PA
July 1st    AJ Styles vs. Chris Daniels
Bruno Sammartino autograph signing
1 pair of tickets for ROH  Lake Grove, NY
July 8th  CM Punk, AJ Styles and more
2 pairs of tickets for JAPW  Rahway, NJ
July 16th 
2 pairs of tickets for 3PW  Philadelphia, PA
July 16th
RoadKill vs. Simon Diamond
I have received from Clear Channel Entertainment Home Video the DVD's from WrestleReunion in Tampa in January.  They are the shoot interviews with Bruno Sammartino, Kevin Nash, Diamond Dallas Page and Wendi Richter.  I am going to try to view them over the weekend.  I watched some of Bruno's, telling us all about his trying to stay alive during the war in Italy, and how much his mother was a hero to him.  Keeping her children alive, risking her own life to get some food when it got dark.  These are being sold exclusively at 
Bruno Sammartino will be honored this week in Philadelphia, PA by the IS&D (Italian Sons & Daughters) with their highest award.  Bruno told me his DVD's are almost done and ready for distribution. 
Here is a report from Shaun Daily, who attended the WWE Press Conference today in Las Vegas, NV.
I was there there were I would say 200 fans. Vince McMahon made a statement and then Bischoff was the master of ceremonies.
Lita and Edge said they were going to ask Triple H for a recommendation of where to get married in Vegas.
Vince was asked about Sabu, he said that WWE has talked to him but no contract has been offered or signed.
A couple of fans were a little to into it by baiting Kurt Angle. One fan go water thrown on him by Angle. Another while asking a question started dropping the F bomb on Angle.

This week's WWE RAW rating was a 3.9, down from last week's 4.0. The wedding drew a strong 4.5 rating, The main-event, only did a 4.1 overrun rating.  The WWE is still playing with us, playing Matt's music during the wedding, which I felt was very distasteful.



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