• 09/10/2018 (11:59:23 am)
  • Bob Mulrenin

 In 12 days, the Grand Championship of CHIKARA will be defended at “It Came from Beneath the Sink”! An injury to Mr. Touchdown has forced a change in how his championship reign will proceed. Join us on September 22nd at 3pm EST as we embark in this new chapter of the Grand Championship!

After the unfortunate and untimely injury of Mr. Touchdown at “King of Trios”, Director of Fun, Bryce Remsburg, called an emergency conference to decide the fate of the CHIKARA Grand Championship. Leaving the choice up to Touchdown to make the decision who defends his title while he recuperates, Touchdown chose someone near and dear to his heart: his step-cousin-in-law, Dasher Hatfield!

Making his first defense of the Grand Championship of CHIKARADasher Hatfield will defend Mr. Touchdown’s title against a man coming after it with 4-points, Travis Huckabee! While Dasher may be filling in as the champion, this reign is not one of his own. After years of work, Dasher Hatfield must defend the prize he has worked to gain, but not for himself, for Touchdown. You can bet that Travis Huckabee will look to swoop in and rain on Mr. Touchdown’s parade even more, when these two meet in 13 days!

The first CHIKARA event after King of Trios!
Pick up your tickets today to see this match, and many more, LIVE!

CHIKARA: It Came from Beneath the Sink
Saturday, September 22nd, 2018 @ 3:00 pm
5 matches announced already!
4711 Wingate Street :: Philadelphia, PA
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