• 08/20/2019 (8:34:30 am)
  • Bob Mulrenin

CHIKARA returns home to celebrate the end of summer at “CHIKARAsaurus Rex”! Join us on 9/7 for an afternoon 3:00pm EST bell time. The rumor mill is buzzing with anticipation over the 15 anticipated matches. I’ve got the scoop on some of then, below!

The Grand Championship is on the line as Dasher Hatfield will defend against “The Rapscallion” Mick Morretti! Moretti has been sitting on 3 points since last season and has decided the time for an Australian takeover is nigh. Dasher, on the other hand, has not been seen since his Lucha de Apuesta contest against his own son Boomer. Though absent from the ring, Dasher has taken to social media to proclaim his greatness in the weight room as well as CHIKARA, so taking the Grand Championship off his should on 9/7 will be no easy task!

The months long Johnny Kidd Invitational Tournament has seen bouts all over the #CHIKARAball19 tour, but the finals will be decided at home base, inside The Wrestle Factory. The “Resilient Rookie” Green Ant will take on the venomous and vile, serpent from the Nile, Ophidian in order to crown a new #JKI2019 winner. Ophidian walks into this match holding victories over Solo Darling and Boomer Hatfield, and has a staggering 11 years more experience than his opponent. However, Green Ant cut his path through Tony Deppen and Mike Quackenbush and has shown no signs of backing down from this fight. Only one can leave “CHIKARAsaurus Rex” with the new blue ring, and their very own Golden Opportunity!

Following two straight losses to Hallowicked, Missile Assault Man has been ringing the phone of our Director of Fun, night and day. Upon reaching out to Hallowicked, he had this to say… So now at “CHIKARAsaurus Rex” Missile Assault Man will take on Kobald, one-on-one. Can Missile keep his wits about him and bring himself one step closer to facing the broadsword of Nazmaldun?

15 expected matches for 1 low price!
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Saturday, September 7th, 2018 @ 3:00 pm
Our end of Summer Extravaganza!
4711 Wingate Street :: Philadelphia, PA
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