• 10/12/2018 (5:25:02 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin


Tonight is the last night to buy advanced tickets for tomorrow’s event! Piano Lessons Can Be Murder” features a symphony of action including atomicos, tag, and trios action. Attend our recital, 10/13 at 3pm EST and don’t forget the roses!

The Colony team with Solo Darling to take on The Creatures of the Deep in atomicos action! Solo Darling is no stranger to teaming with ants but this will be her first time teaming with the reformed Colony. The Creatures of the Deep have tremendous experience together as a unit and when led by Oceanea, are near unstoppable.  When these 2 teams meet in the ring at “Piano Lessons Can Be Murder”, tempers will rise faster than the sea!

Returning to action, the Xyberhawx2000 will face F.I.S.T. in tag team action! Recovering from a string of injuries, the xybernetic birds are looking to continue to prove their toughness to Icarus by taking him head on. F.I.S.T. will be looking to rebound from their “King of Trios” performance and re-establish their dominance over CHIKARA’s youth. Be there tomorrow to see these 4 competitors collide at 3:00pm EST!

The battle of Volgars return with Blanche Babish teaming with Jeremy Leary and Lucas Calhoun to face The Proteus Wheel! Finding a good partner has been plaguing the team of Leary and Calhoun, but recently they seem to have taken a liking to the girl from The Wrong Side of the Tracks. The Proteus Wheel have been reeling due to loses to The Colony but Professor Nicodemus is always working to improve on his formulation. Tomorrow, find out if their new found unity will be enough to overcome scientific monsters at “Piano Lesson Can Be Murder”

Advanced ticket sales end tonight!
Log on now to reserve your seat at The Wrestle Factory!

CHIKARA: Piano Lesson Can Be Murder
Saturday, October 13nd, 2018 @ 3:00 pm
The Beast Warriors challenge for gold!
4711 Wingate Street :: Philadelphia, PA
Get your tickets HERE!

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