• 06/18/2005 (5:04:49 pm)
  • Georgiann Makropoulos

Jericho wishes Goldberg well.

June 18, 2005

Hello Jerichoholics

Just a quick note to set the record straight. I was sitting in my hotel room in Portland Oregon doing some web surfing and I stumbled upon a post on Live Audio that stated the following...Jericho shoots on Goldberg... I promptly clicked on the post to find out what it said, only to be surprised at an article stating the comments that I made on Real Rock 98 out of Phoenix Arizona completely burying Goldberg. Only problem is, I never appeared on Real Rock Radio in Phoenix or any other city this morning. I was too busy playing with my son and flying to Portland!

So that means that either Live Audio Wrestling is lying or some jackass actually wasted his time impersonating me on the radio!

Either way I just want to say that I have no ill will towards Bill. If I saw him today I would shake his hand and give him a hug. As much as people would like to believe that there is huge amounts of hatred and animosity between us, the bottom line is...there isn't. What is done is done and I think that Bill is doing a great job with his acting nowadays and I hope someday we'll meet again.

Maybe we'll have to meet again, in order to join up and whip the asses of the people who won't let the events of our past....personal events at that...fade away!

So that's it and Bill if you're reading this....cheers mate!!

Signed Chris Jericho

Here is what LiveAudioWrestling had that Jericho said:
Chris Jericho appeared on Real Rock 98 in Arizona to promote the upcoming "Raw" this Monday and had some pretty choice words throughout the interview. When asked about Bill Goldberg he said:

"The guy was nothing more than hype and good timing. He wasn't a wrestler and all of the guys saw right through that, unlike WCW where you had to kiss his ass or else feel the wrath of the brass running the show. In WWE, guys didn't kiss up to him and that really got to big Bill and that is one reason why he probably trashes WWE these days. Sorry Bill, you weren't worth the money invested in your sorry ass."

He also stated that:

I'd love to go to Smackdown...probably would be refreshing and I would probably get more title shots (Jericho laughs). I'd love to feud with Rey Mysterio, Eddy, Benoit and Undertaker."

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