• 01/26/2013 (10:45:18 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

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WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes on His Killer Mustache, Ribbing Damien Sandow, and Which Legendary Tag Team He'd Love to Battle

When second-generation WWE superstar Cody Rhodes came back from injury late last year, he shocked the world upon his return. He didn't sport a new attitude or unleash a heinous attack on an unsuspecting foe, mind you, but offered a new addition to his look: A killer mustache.

The 27-year-old son of the legendary Dusty Rhodes has gotten plenty of grief over his new cookie duster (from both his fellow superstars and the WWE Universe), but he's taking it all in stride. Especially since it's getting him a whole lot of attention, period, which is what any wrestler craves. Rhodes' 'stache isn't the only thing that WWE's fans are focusing on these days, as he and his tag partner Damien Sandow have been racking up victories lately and will challenge for the WWE's tag team titles this Sunday during the Royal Rumble at US Airways Center.

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