• 06/22/2005 (8:45:55 pm)
  • Georgiann Makropoulos

Lots of updates, new photo’s, etc…..

Updates to missyhyattandfrancinetv.com! Daffney as guest model!
There are several updates to
www.missyhyattandfrancinetv.com including the former WCW Scream Queen herself, Daffney, posing for the site! That's right! Daffney has been out of the wrestling business for over a year now but all you Daffanatics can see her again right here! She has posed for pictures in a way that you have never seen her before! And she looks better than ever! She will also be doing a live chat for us on Tuesday night, June 28th at 9pm. You can finally find out what your favorite ex-WCW diva has been up to! Got a question for her? She will answer it! Remember,  you can only see her pics on www.missyhyattandfrancinetv.com . They will appear nowhere else!
We shot over 1200 new pictures for the site, taped hours of footage and aquired Daffney! So what are you waiting for? Join now! Or at least come take a tour and see all that's waiting for you:
Brand new, never before seen pictures, updated three times a week!
Video of the girls that's uncut and unscripted. It's reality tv at it's finest!
Live chats with Missy, Francine and guests!
An interactive messageboard where you can ask anything and request what you want to see the girls do!
And so much more! Check it out:
Also, Missy and Francine have parted ways with electriceyeradio. Francine will NOT be appearing this Friday night for the station, nor will the girls be working there. She is extremely sorry and apologies to anyone that was planning to make the trip to see her. She has added new dates to her schedule so be sure to check that out!

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