• 08/19/2012 (1:37:01 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Review of Dan Severn in New London, CT

On Saturday morning, August 18 I drove to New London, CT for the autograph session with former WWF star (and UFC legend) Dan “the Beast” Severn. The meet and greet was set up at the Ammo Fight League event at Conn. College as a guest from K&M All Star Sports. The Ammo Fight League is a MMA grappling group, kind of like the independents for UFC. The event started off around 10am and Dan Severn was set to be there at 11am.
The matches looked tough. Being this as my first MMA show some of the fighters where very rough fights and very physical. Around 11 on of the officials announced that Severn was few minutes away and would be holding a meet and greet during the break between the rounds.
Severn came out at the start of the break and waved to everyone and took his seat at the table. As a special treat to the fans there was no extra cost for the meet and greet outside the admission to the event. Dan Severn would sign anything that was put in front of him. Action figures, WWE Books, UFC books, fighting gloves, DVDs and photos. Severn did not have any of his photos so he signed cards and gave them to the fans that asked. The Beast told stories and took time with all the fans. All the fans seemed to enjoy the time with the fighting legend.
Dan stayed for the entire show at the table watching the fights. Severn talked about how he keeps trying to retire but enjoys it wrestling and grappling, said that “I wished there was a patch I could put on my arm like they have for smokers.” At the end of the fights he thanked everyone for coming and asked all the fighters to join him for a photo. He is a class act.
K & M All Star Sports had a great staff and always have great guest at their store. For more info on future signings with them check outwww.kmallstarsports.net
For more info on Ammo Fights check out - www.ammofightleague.com

Thank you - Chris from Boston

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