• 11/19/2012 (2:12:22 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

with Foley, Piper & Massaro…

Matt Parker and I spent this weekend at the Days of the Dead convention right here in beautiful Schaumburg, Illinois (to borrow Mick Foley's cheap pop technique). This is a great horror convention, but wrestling definitely made its' presence felt.
Mick Foley, Rowdy Roddy Piper and Ashley Massaro were three of the celebrity guests. Matt and I met all of them and several other interesting celebrities, including Keith David, Piper's co-star in They Live.
Piper and Foley also had a comedy show on Friday night. Basically, they exchanged some funny wrestling stories and interacted with the crowd a bit. The surprise of the night came when Diamond Dallas Page made a cameo appearance in the middle of one of Mick's stories about Page.
I also ran into PCW legend PL Myers. I was unable to get a photo with Myers because I was without a camera at the moment (breaking the golden rule). I am quite sure I will see Myers again though.
Days of the Dead is a fantastic horror convention run by Adolfo Dorta, a Chicago-area guy. He appreciates wrestling and hinted at more wrestling stars at future Days of the Dead conventions.

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