• 08/07/2013 (9:51:17 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

hello sorry for late response. Made it out to Canton,Ohio for the Hall of Fame autograph signings. Wrestlers that were there included Sgt Slaughter and Diamond Dallas page.I've had to the chance to meet Sgt at few baseball games over the past few years so i skipped over paying for Sgt. Payed to meet Ddp and it was one of the best experiences to date. I got there with about 40 minutes left of the signing and no one was behind me. Talked at length about the time nwo wanted him to join and he put the shirt  on and hit the diamond cutter on Scott Hall. Told him that was my favorite Nitro moment. Really enjoyed the experience i hope they get more wrestlers at the show next year. Only complaint is i need to learn to take better photo opps.

Thanks wrestlingfigs for all the great updates and work you do on the site.

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