• 12/31/2012 (3:10:39 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Happy New Year!!! We want to thank you for a tremendous 2012. We are ready for an even better 2013. Thank you for joining us for the ride! Everything we do only happens because of you. We are going to close the year with this quick WWNLive Alerts featuring a major match announcement involving John Morrison, last chance at sales and another part of our 2012 In Pictures. We know you want to party, so let's get to it....
December 31st: It is not too late to treat yourself to our last Holiday Season Sales at both www.DGUSA.tv and www.WWNLive.com On Demand. However, all sales end tomorrow night (January 1st). Here's a quickie look at the great deals you can get for a few more hours:
-All DGUSA & EVOLVE DVDs are 2 for $25 in the DGUSA.tv Store. This makes DGUSA DVDs almost 40% off. You can mix and match any combination of DGUSA and EVOLVE DVDs, including the new EVOLVE 12: Fox vs. Callihan pre-order. This will be your last chance to get every DGUSA and EVOLVE release at this much of a discount for a long time. To take advantage of this sale just go to the DGUSA or EVOLVE section of the DGUSA.tv Store.
-All DGUSA/EVOLVE/Dragon Gate Gear is 30% off in the DGUSA.tv Store. All of these styles will go out-of-print once they are sold out, so this is your last chance at these stylish designs. There are only limited quantities left of many sizes. These high quality shirts are a bargain at 30% off!
-All DGUSA & EVOLVE iPPVs from 2009-2011 are $7.99 at WWNLive.com On Demand. All prices are already discounted so no codes are needed. When you buy an iPPV you own it to watch anytime you want. This is almost 50% off!
-All DGUSA & EVOLVE iPPVs from 2012 are $9.99 at WWNLive.com On Demand. This is a great chance to catch up on all the spectacular shows of 2012 for 33% off. You get unlimited viewing access when you order with this sale!
We know you have a lot of options on where to spend your money and we appreciate you picking DGUSA, EVOLVE and WWNLive. We put your money right back into the products to make it better for you. Thank you for making DGUSA, EVOLVE and WWNLive happen!
December 31st: Akira Tozawa has signed the open contract John Morrison sent to Japan. It will be John Morrison vs. Akira Tozawa when Dragon Gate USA debuts in Santa Maria, CA on January 25th. How will the highly athletic Morrison fare against one of Dragon Gate's best? Tickets are now on sale in the DGUSA.tv Store or by calling 267-519-9744.
December 31st: We can confirm now that Akira Tozawa will also be on both DGUSA events in Huntington Park, CA on January 26th and January 27th. We know how popular Tozawa is with the Los Angeles area fans so we are working on lining up two "dream matches" for him that you can't see anywhere else. Tickets are now on sale in the DGUSA.tv Store.
December 31st: This will be the first of three WWNLive Alerts this week. We are currently finalizing the cards for all three DGUSA shows in California and will have several major match announcements this week. In other significant breaking news, details of the EVOLVE Title Tournament on April 5th at WrestleCon will be released by early next week right here in the WWNLive Alerts.
December 31st: Look for Shane Strickland to make his way to EVOLVE soon. Officials consider him at the top of the class of 2013 prospects, especially after his recent performance in the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup tournament.

December 31st: The voting will begin for the DGUSA/EVOLVE 2012 Year End Awards later this week. We have decided to combine the Wrestler Of The Year and MVP categories since many of the same names were popping up. We ecourage you to send us your nominations using the social network buttons below for Wrestler Of The Year, Tag Team/Stable Of The Year, Feud/Rivalry Of The Year, Match Of The Year, Show Of The Year and Best Newcomer. Thank you.

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