• 05/28/2013 (4:41:04 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

We can announce now that Sami Callihan has already wrestled on his final DGUSA/EVOLVE event. We want to extend a heartfelt "thank you" to Sami for being an important part of DGUSA/EVOLVE history. Callihan started at the bottom of his card and through hard work and determination became a main player in the WWNLive Family. Sami first made waves by forming D.U.F. and entering an intense feud against AR Fox. Shortly after the feud vs. Fox started, Callihan reached another turning point when he battled Fit Finlay at EVOLVE 9 in a bout that was voted by the fans as the 2011 DGUSA/EVOLVE Match Of The Year. Callihan went on to give us many memorable moments including the infamous closing of the former ECW Arena at EVOLVE 10. His resume of great matches is at the top of DGUSA/EVOLVE history including the rematch vs. Finlay at EVOLVE 11, a classic vs. El Generico at EVOLVE 13 and an epic Open The Freedom Gate Title Match against Johnny Gargano at EVOLVE 18. Thanks for everything, Sami! We are sure you are headed for great success!

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