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  • Bob NMulrenin

Welcome to the first DGUSA/EVOLVE Alerts. The DGUSA.tv News Alerts has merged with The Email News Express you normally receive. The result is this new DGUSA/EVOLVE Alerts. You will get all the breaking news plus the latest videos, article links and notes on DGUSA/EVOLVE and WWNLive sent right to your inbox. This is where the info will be released first! We will strive for an easy-to-read format. Please give us your feedback by emailing [email protected], on Twitter and/or Facebook. Now let's get to the info:


May 18th: We want to thank all the fans who attended last weekend's EVOLVE events in North Carolina. We are currently working on the next Dragon Gate USA and EVOLVE dates. We hope to have a number of shows for both promotions announced shortly. The next DGUSA live events will be on the July 28th weekend. EVOLVE is looking at more new markets.


May 18th: If you saw EVOLVE 12 please go vote on the best match in this poll. The poll will close in one week so you still have time to watch the event and vote. The winning match will go in the show title.


May 18th: Chuck Taylor is now the #1 contender to Johnny Gargano and the DGUSA Title. He will get a shot on the July 28th DGUSA weekend.


May 18th: There have already been talks with Tony Nese about a return to EVOLVE and Dragon Gate USA. Nese asked for and was given his release from TNA this week.


You can expect to see him back in both promotions.


May 18th: There is a new DGUSA.tv Weekly Special. DVD 3 Pack Deals have been reduced to just $45. This means you can get any three DGUSA or EVOLVE DVDs at a discount. In fact, if you go with all DGUSA DVDs that's 25% off. This includes every DGUSA and EVOLVE title including recent releases like Bushido: Code Of The Warrior 2011 (YAMATO vs. Chuck Taylor, CIMA & Ricochet vs. D.U.F., PAC vs. Brodie Lee) and EVOLVE 10: A Tribute To The Arena (closing ceremony of the former ECW Arena, Ronin vs. Super Smash Brothers, Johnny Gargano vs. Ricochet). Act now, this special ends on May 24th.


May 18th: Sami Callihan has been suspended and will miss the July DGUSA events due to his actions after his match at EVOLVE 13 last Saturday. It is strictly forbidden to attack an opponent after the bell or touch an official. Callihan's infraction was the greatest in EVOLVE history. Since EVOLVE and DGUSA are now in the same family it was decided to suspend Callihan from the more lucrative DGUSA dates. Callihan has declined to appeal the decision and will "accept my punishment."


May 18th: EVOLVE officials do not endorse or support Chuck Taylor bringing "The Swamp Monster" to ringside last weekend. However, Taylor went through the proper channels to get him a manager's license. Of course, EVOLVE officials did not realize the license would go to a "Swamp Monster." Chuck definitely got one over here.


May 18th: You can watch both EVOLVE 12 and EVOLVE 13 from last weekend on iPPV right now at WWNLive.com On Demand. Remember, when you buy these iPPVs you can watch them as many times as you want forever. Here's a quick look at each one:


-EVOLVE 12 delivered with a crazy main event as the Sami Callihan vs. AR Fox feud came to a violent conclusion in Evolution's End. Jon Davis stepped up to Fit Finlay in a classic, hard-hitting wrestling clinic. Ricochet vs. El Generico produced incredible, cutting edge action. Plus, Jigsaw takes Low Ki to the limit, great tag team action with Johnny Gargano & Samuray Del Sol vs. Chuck Taylor & Silas Young plus more.


-EVOLVE 13 has been called the best show in EVOLVE history. Witness the incredibly athletic Four Way with Ricochet vs. AR Fox vs. Jigsaw vs. Samuray Del Sol with the winner taking on Johnny Gargano for the Open The Freedom Gate Title in a can't miss main event. The action throughout the card is amazing with Low Ki vs. Jon Davis in a must see match and an absolute classic between Sami Callihan and El Generico.


May 18th: There are several Book It Cam behind the scenes videos from last weekend over on our Youtube channel. The above video was the last one filmed during the weekend. We are giving it special attention due to the puzzling ending. Jon Davis said he'd address it on his Twitter @JonDavis817 early next week.


May 18th: Congratulations to Low Ki for being the first athlete to get to 4-0 in EVOLVE. Keep an eye on the issues between Ki and El Generico. Last weekend also saw Ki vs. Ricochet set up for a future match. The next time we can get both in the same building that match will happen.


May 18th: YouShoot Live with Vince Russo is coming to live iPPV at www.WWNLive.com on June 1st. This is the first time ever an event like this has taken place on live iPPV. Here is all the info:

"YouShoot," the world's first and only shoot-style interview show conducted entirely by you, the fans, brings you this live, blockbuster event. Vince Russo, the most controversial figure in pro wrestling in the past 20 years, agrees to sit down in front of the YouShoot laptop and answer everything you have to ask! Russo has taken the vaunted YouShoot Oath and agreed to answer ANYTHING you have for him. This live event will be coming to you from Monroe, New Jersey and the house will be packed with fans, wrestlers, and press alike. And now YOU can be there too...from anywhere in the world! Invite the friends over, crack open a cold one, order the pizza (or samosas if you're ordering in Bombay!), order the iPPV, log in, send your tweets, and be part of the one shoot interview EVRYONE will be talking about...YOUSHOOT LIVE!!!: VINCE RUSSO!


May 18th: A big congrats to Bobby Fish. He missed last weekend's EVOLVE events due to competing in a MMA fight at Cage Wars 12 in Saratoga, NY. Fish won his bout with a spinning back kick to the gut in the first round. Fish's opponent suffered two broken ribs. Fish will return to DGUSA/EVOLVE soon.


May 18th: Thank you for reading the first ever DGUSA/EVOLVE Alerts. Please give us your feedback.


We will be back soon with more breaking news!!!


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