• 01/30/2013 (6:15:19 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Thanks to Mike Informer for this link to an interview with TNA President Dixie Carter.

Dixie Carter, President of TNA Wrestling

Dixie Carter is the President of Total Nonstop Action (TNA) wrestling, a role she has held since the spring of 2003.

Dixie began working for the company in 2002, handling marketing, PR and promotions. Two months after TNA was formed, they lost one of their major funders, and Carter helped the company secure funding after seeing the potential in a marketplace that had one other company, WWE, with a $900 million market cap and no competitor. The businesswoman from Dallas, Texas contacted her parents, owners of energy company Panda Energy International, and they bought 71% of TNA, which began trading as ‘TNA Entertainment’.

Q. Before becoming president of TNA, how much did you know about wrestling?

I watched wrestling when I was younger. I lived in Dallas, Texas so the Von Erichs were a very big deal, and my brother and I used to watch Saturday morning wrestling, but before I got involved with TNA I had not watched the kind of modern day wrestling. At that time it was only WWE that was television.

Q. What were the advantages and disadvantages of being a female owner in what has been seen as a male dominated industry?

I think that it’s a total advantage. I feel blessed to have the greatest job in the world but I feel I bring a different perspective to what I do. I care tremendously for my guys (wrestlers) and because of that I think we are a very tight company, very close and it’s real. I think because of that they have a different ownership and stake in the success of it. When parties care about each other and they work hard for each other, the fans are the ones that benefit from it because they see that it is real.

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