• 02/24/2013 (9:43:17 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Thanks to Mike Informer

Q & A With Dolph Ziggler

You've got a bit of a history with Australia. A few years ago on air you were punched in the face by Hugh Jackman.

That was supposed to be a really cool night. He was the honorary (WWE) general manager for a day and we had some heated things said back and forth to each other [so he stood in my opponent's corner]. At the end of the night, with my hands completely down and me looking the other way, he punched me right in the face. I'm fine, though, but in a really cool gesture he sent a case of beer to the office. Eventually, when I woke up [from the punch], I had one of the beers.

You've said you have to sell yourself as a bad guy. How does it feel to have a goal of being loathed by the public?

I love doing this, so it's a character but it's also me. I really enjoy entertaining and we have people who are getting cheered and doing the right thing, but I'm not a nice guy in person so I enjoy capitalising on that. I don't instantly hate everyone who's a good guy but when I back it up, it makes people that much angrier.

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