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  • Bob Mulrenin

Dreamer, London, Lethal, Williams, Maria, Winter & many more…

NEW YORK, NY. June 7th, 2012 – F.W.E. (Family Wrestling Entertainment) presents “DSYFUNCTIONAL FAMILY.” It will take place live on June 9th, 2012 as we return to 3LD Studios (located on 80 Greenwich Street, New York, NY.)

Pre-Show Meet & Greet with all the stars. Just added former WWE Diva Ryan Shamrock and TNA Knockout Rosita.

Chaos was abound at "THE BIG KABOSH", as "The Voice" Michael Schiavello's presence ruffled a few feathers. He will be present via Skype and will be the Guest General Manager for the evening.

Main Event:
F.W.E. Heavyweight Championship Match:
Jay Lethal v.s. "The Innovator Of Violence" Tommy Dreamer
Jay Lethal makes his first defense as F.W.E. Heavyweight Champion after defeating Eric Young at "WELCOME TO THE RUMBLE" when he cashed in his Rumble victory. Tommy Dreamer has continued his stream of victories here as he had a huge win and a fantastic match against Brian Kendrick at "THE BIG KABOSH." Lethal is not looking to lose in his first match as Champion. Dreamer would love to add F.W.E. Heavyweight Champion along to his list of accomplishments and have another huge win where he made his name in New York City.

F.W.E. Tri Borough Championship Match:
Damien Darling (With Rick Silver) v.s. Harry Smith
Damien Darling continues to rack up the wins and was the first person to break the "curse" of the F.W.E. Titles by being the first person to successfully defend a title when he defeated Wes Draven at "THE BIG KABOSH." Making his F.W.E. debut is the son of legend "The British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith, Harry Smith. This world traveled athlete and champion wants to add more to his resume and wants to become the F.W.E. Tri Borough Champion. Darling has been racking up the victories with wins over Lethal, Draven, VSK, Jay Santana. Smith would be a HUGE name to add to that list. Smith does not want to lose in his first match in and adding F.W.E. Tri Borough Champion to his long list of accomplishments would cement his legacy in professional wrestling.

Maria Kanellis v.s. Jillian Hall
Special Guest Referee: F.W.E. Women's Champion Winter
Maria Kanellis wants her title back and she wants it bad. In order to get to Winter, she has to go through Jillian Hall who makes her long awaited F.W.E. debut. Maria wasn't even involved in the pinfall to lose the F.W.E. Women's Title so she is extremely upset. Jillian Hall, if she could score a victory over Maria, that would shoot her up the F.W.E. Rankings and put her in line for a shot at the Gold. You have the added X factor of Winter. Does she want to keep Maria away from her? Does she have an qualms about fighting Jillian Hall? Does she care who wins and isn't looking at either as threats and just wants to stir trouble?

Colt Cabana v.s. Matt Taven (With Kasey Ray)
Colt Cabana makes his F.W.E. debut and is looking to climb the rankings. This former Tag Team Champion with CM Punk, he's coming to F.W.E. with Gold on his mind. In order to do that, he has to go through Matt Taven. Taven suffered a loss to Azriel at "THE BIG KABOSH." He is looking to make up for that loss and a win over Cabana would be a big step in advancing the career and rankings of Taven.

Paul London v.s. Petey Williams
This match was originally supposed to be Brian Kendrick v.s. Petey Williams but Kendrick will be representing F.W.E. in the New Japan Best of the Super Juniors Tournament. Kendrick not wanting to disappoint our fans, made a call on his own and made a deal to bring Paul London in to debut for F.W.E. as he faces another man making his F.W.E. debut Petey Williams. Both men have a huge list of credentials and the man who scores a victory here, will be on their way up the ladder here. This match has the ability to be match of the night.

Carlito Colon will be making will be making his debut for F.W.E. What does he have planned? An open challenge? An announcement? Will he just stir trouble and spit an Apple in someone's face? One way to find out is to show up to "DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILY!"

First Round Match in the F.W.E. Tag Team Tournament:
? & Bandido Jr. v.s. Davari & "The Original Playa from the Himalaya" Sonjay Dutt
The decorated tag team of Azriel & Bandido Jr. are one of the final teams to get a slot in the F.W.E. Tag Team Title tournament. A win here could put them in the next round with Adrenaline Express, Diamond Inc., and All Money Is Legal. Before they get there, they have to defeat Davari & Sonjay Dutt. Both men made their F.W.E. debut at "WELCOME TO THE RUMBLE." Davari & Dutt would love to advance and be the final team to move onto the next round and eventually become the first F.W.E. Tag Team Champions. Who will get that final slot?

Also, there will be a LIVE edition of The PANic Room hosted by A.J. Pan. Who will be his guest?

All this and more!

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